6 PM - Two-Headed Cow

Two-Headed Cow - Tony Gayton, Produced by Lisa Mae Wells Fincannon, Bill Cody, Craig Fincannon, Frank Capra, Jr. 85:00, 16mm/video (shown on video)

Jack White (White Stripes, Raconteurs), Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Neko Case, and Exene Cervenka (X, Knitters) all agree - Dexter Romweber is a rock & roll guitar legend and influential pioneer, whether the rest of the world knows it yet or not.

20 years in the making, Two-Headed Cow picks up where the filmmakers' previous documentary, 1986's Athens, Ga. Inside/Out, left off. In that film, Flat Duo Jets (guitarist/vocalist Dexter Romweber, drummer Chris "Crow" Smith) are a regional favorite poised to catch on with the rest of the world. Flat Duo Jets shows were known for explosive punkrock-tinged rockabilly, featuring wild-haired, possessed madman Romweber burning up his guitar while Crow bashes away behind him. But after 9 albums and 15 years of touring, the duo parted ways without ever enjoying the recognition the music press felt they deserved. Romweber continued on briefly as a solo artist before dropping out of sight, and resurfacing years later. All along he has battled his demons, dependency on prescription medications, and lack of deserved recognition.

Combining 16mm footage from the 80's and 90's with more recent video footage, Two-Headed Cow tells the story of a rock & roll casualty, a young man contrasted with his grown-up self, and how a love for music can keep someone from living a conventional life.


8 PM - Comedy Shorts

Ancestors - Cable Hardin, 3:24, digital 2D software

"A first-time father ponders the possibility that he and his wife are directly blood-related. Tracing back the family history reveals a possible truth for all of humanity." A new one from one of the co-creators of Chewie's Star Wars Holiday Special (MCF 2000).

Bzzzzzzz - Lee Gordon Demarbre, 21:00, DV

"Bzzzzzzz is the sound of terror. It's the sound of love. It's the sound of laughter. And for a group of characters trapped in the nation's capitol during a killer bee invasion, bzzzzzzz could very well be the last sound they ever hear! The mayor is busy trying to balance his job, his family and his mistress. His brother is busy making prank phone calls. His wife is busy dealing with his brother. His daughter is busy defending a classmate from a group of bullies. His constituents are busy enjoying the big motorcross race. And the bees? The bees are about to get busy - stinging people to death! Get ready for Bzzzzzzz - a sound you will never forget! This B-movie is KILLER!" The latest from the camp that brought us Harry Knuckles & The Pearl Necklace (MCF 2004), Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (MCF 2002 - Best Feature Film), and Harry Knuckles & The Treasure Of The Aztec Mummy (MCF 2000 - 2nd Place Audience Choice Best Short and Way Cool Ass-Kickin' Action Awards).

Cox & Combes' Washington - Brad Neely, 2:23, 2D animation

A music video telling us a lot more than we ever realized about our country's first president.

Fuck Pillows - Nikc Miller, 7:00, DV

A man mail orders a kinky toy, and suffers the pain and humiliation of getting caught with it. The 2005 CAmm Slamm entry from Better Hollywood Productions, who in the past have given us Robot-Tussin (MCF 2005), Hana, The 30 Second Harford County Experience & Introduction To The Interstellar Code (all MCF 2003), and Ambition (MCF 2002).

Idiot Bush Press Conference - Bardot, 2:40, TV clips

Idiot Bush Press Conference - self explanatory. Something new from the maker of The Mummy Returns Again (MCF 2002), Jaws the 13th (MCF 2000), Kukla Fran & Adolf (MCF 1999), and Jimmy Jang Jang (MCF 1998).

Illusionators - Jason Woliner/Human Giant, 13:00, HDV

A parody of TV magic shows courtesy of comedy team, Human Giant, featuring Jason Woliner, the creator of Gardner III: Revenge (MCF 2000), I Have Seen The Face Of Heavy Metal And His Name Is Mike Portnoy and Stubborn British Driver In America (both MCF 2002), and co-creator of Monkey Walken, Simple Rules For Happy Movie Fun!, and Promo 53-104b (all MCF 2002).

In Defense of Definitions - Don Swaynos, 3:30, still photos on video

Youth Minister Harry takes Tommy and Julie on an adventure through the world of avoidable misunderstanding.

Look Out! It's Going To Blow! - Mike & Patrick Malloy, 8:13, video

"Their 1968 Dodge Coronet is as well known as Starsky & Hutch's Gran Torino. Their bend-the-rules, loose-cannon policing rivals that of Dirty Harry. They are Inspectors Finn and Loutorri, and they spend their days busting skulls of no-good criminal slimeballs. But as they patrol the mean streets, something is starting to become a little too familiar about their job..."

Nelson: Rock & Roll Detectives - Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly, 5:45, 2D animation

Those glam-metal icons of the 80's, Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, are hard rockin', identical twin private eyes who despite a complete lack of detective skills, are the most sought after crime fighters in show business. One of two new ones from the makers of Welcome To Purgatory (MCF 2001), Losing Your Cherry (MCF 2001 2nd Place Audience Choice Best Short and Low-Budget Video Award), Return To Purgatory (MCF 2002) and The Year Christmas Almost Wasn't (MCF 2002 Best Detournement Award), plus the Cinema Slideshow we have frequently shown between screenings.

So You Wanna Be... - Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly, 4:30, 2D animation

"So you want to be a Guantanamo Bay prison interrogator?" Learn the do's and don't's, and ways around the rules, in getting desired information from the enemy.

Theory, Fact, or Fiction? - Tate English, 13:00, 24P DV

Young Tommy must decide between his faith and a controversial scientific 'theory'.


10 PM - "You Shall Not Authority Me!" - Matthew Silver Shorts

"You Shall Not Authority Me!" - Matthew Silver Shorts

During the 1998 MicroCineFest Call For Entries, a tape arrived that caught us off guard. The synopsis sounded dreadful (something along the lines of, "An examination of the relationship between an elderly woman and her grown son who lives with her"), so we put off watching it as long as we could. To our surprise, it turned out to be one of our favorite entries that year, but it was so different that we weren't sure how it would go over in front of an audience. That year, Matthew Silver's Mother & Son took home both the Low Budget Video Award and the Audience Choice Award for Best Short, permanently etching itself onto our list of all-time favorite shorts. Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot) saw it at our festival and proceeded to bring it to the attention of other film festivals, some of which had already rejected it, yet gave it another chance on Jeff's insistence. Todd Rohal saw it, and cast it's co-star, Matthew's uncle Andy Nadler, for a role in The Guatemalan Handshake. In the meantime, Matthew brought us more oddball masterpieces: Gods Of Porcelain And Plumbing (MCF 2001), Beware Of The Hot Dog People (MCF 2001 Best Choreography Award), and Over Modulated Marriage (MCF 2003). Obviously we've been anxious to see anything Matthew makes, so when we found out he had at least another 90 minutes of shorts that we hadn't seen yet, we jumped at the chance to take a look at them, and now we're proud to be showing them to an audience. What can you expect? Matthew's shorts are hard to describe, but if you like the absurdity of The Kipper Kids, the chaotic onslaught of Shinya Tsukamoto's Testuo: The Iron Man, the 'wtf?' of John Boorman's Zardoz, and the low-budget, gritty, awkwardness of The Kuchar Bros., imagine all of those elements magnified and drawn out for 90 minutes. Are you up for the endurance test? Have fun... and don't say we didn't warn you.

Bush Satan Peace - Bogdan Szabo & Matthew Silver, 8:00, video

A George W. Bush talking action figure haunts the messy, manic episodes of patriotic, Jesus-worshipping pollsters on a garbage-filled loading dock.

Dead To The World And It's Only Tuesday - Matthew Silver, 4:40, 16mm (shown on video)

A happy man skips around town, trying not to be bothered by anything, despite his run-ins with bad fruit, an unfriendly penguin, a jogging prankster, bullies, and a doomsayer.

Dionarap - Matthew Silver & Andre Brongniart, 5:35, 16mm (shown on video)

A paranoid schizophrenic questions God, accosts strangers in the park, makes a new friend, and encounters a poncho-wearing deity.

Disco Man - Matthew Silver, 6:30, video

A young boy has a sidewalk encounter with his nemesis, muscle-bound Billy Bob-a-roony. When things seem bleak, it's Disco Man to the rescue... or is it? Can disco make a comeback?

Escape - Matthew Silver, 7:10, video

A captive audience TV-casualty grows tired of imaginary cat food commercials, and takes matters into his own hands.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Bogdan Szabo & Matthew Silver, 30:00, 16mm/DV

"The world is a diseased brain. The cure might just be found in the bowels." A Rubicks Cube competition between two men ends on a sour note. Cut to two other men, in dresses, skipping through a snow covered meadow with a giant teddy bear. A woman in a bathroom stall is tormented by a dildo-collecting evil girl who gives birth to a broccoli-defecating demonic workout coach that rides the first woman around town and fights off the advances of a naked sailor. Meanwhile, an office worker has a premonition of a self-fellating birthday boy, and eventually dildo-whips a Hare Krishna. A couple of elderly men mambo their way out of a puddle of green slime and then argue over a bubble bath, while a man with relationship problems pops his friend's giant pimple in a restaurant. You figure it out.

Journey Men - Matthew Silver, 9:10, video

Three Journey Men, tied together, decide to go on a journey, but can't decide which way to go. They attack a motorist and neighborhood kids with an empty 2-liter soda bottle. Later that day, they try their hand at panhandling and street performing.

La Gallina Matadora - Matthew Silver & Manuel Pimentel, 4:10, video

Elvis and a chicken in a graveyard at night.

Radiation Can Give You Brain Tumors - Matthew Silver, 15:35, video

A storyteller covers his head with tape, and proceeds to tell the musical story of a happy-jolly guy who enjoys using his home appliances, until one day when he has "one wacked up dream" warning him of the dangers of all the invisible radiation he is exposed to on a daily basis.

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