4 PM - Documentary Shorts

Between 2 Deaths - Wago Kreider, 6:38, miniDV

Scenes from Hitchcock's Vertigo are reconstructed shot-by-shot, and then superimposed with the original scene to create a ghost-of-cinema-past living in the present. A new piece from the filmmaker who brought us Marvelous Creatures (MCF 2003) and To Hug And Squeeze You (MCF 2002).

Birdstate - Geoff Adams, 18:00, DV

In 1954 the Rhode Island Red - a breed of domestic fowl developed as a high yield meat and egg producer - was elected state bird of Rhode Island. The story of the Rhode Island Red forms a busy ideological intersection where politics, commerce, genetics, iconography, and natural history collide. Birdstate ponders the significance of the RI Red through an eclectic mix of animated and live action vignettes. One of two new works from the filmmaker who brought us Birdbeat (Fugue) (MCF 2002 - Best Animated Video) and Noise In My Backyard (MCF 2001 - Way Cool Documentary Short).

Geophoria - Sheila Wells, 16:30, miniDV

Geocaching is a little-known sport mixing modern technology with old-fashioned treasure hunting. Geocachers are a quirky underground community, armed with GPS coordinates and a sense of adventure. Geophoria is a documentary examining this new phenomenon.

A Good Strong Roof - Tony Gault, 6:00, Super8 (shown on video)

"A lesson in grooming from a formally homeless 'Backpack Jack'." An experimental doc telling more than you ever thought you wanted to know about one person's toenails, from the filmmaker who gave us Somewhere I Was Born (MCF 2001) and Not Too Much Remember (MCF 2003).

Image Of The City - Evan Mather, 6:23, miniDV

"This short film is an adaptation of the classic urban design tome - The Image Of The City - by Associate Professor Kevin Lynch (1918-1984) of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been entitled with degrees from Yale University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and MIT. Professor Lynch has accordingly read a lot of books and is unquestionably smart. His innovative theories, published in seven books set with delicate typography and dozens of articles with crackerjack diagrams, have transformed the lives of visual environments of people in cities from Boston to Buenos Aries." One of two new ones from the creator and co-creator of Bodybags and Pavlov's Bell (MCF 2003), Icarus Of Pittsburgh and Red Vines (MCF 2002), Airplane Glue (MCF 2001), Booger, Les Pantless Menace, Vert Remixed and Fansom The Lizard (MCF 2000), Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars and Godzilla Vs. Disco Lando (MCF 1998)

Scenic Highway - Evan Mather, 16:12, Super8/miniDV

"Due to the recent unpleasantness, Baton Rouge has eclipsed New Orleans as the largest city in Louisiana. Is the city destined for greatness? Scenic Highway is the name of US Highway 61 as it passes through northern Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It is also this trip to the city - and such landmarks as Huey Long's art deco State Capitol building and Buckminster Fuller's hidden geodesic dome. This darkly affectionate memoir is also an expose of the city's colorful history - told through the use of animated motion graphic, archival Super8 footage, and re-created & faux-created elements."

Shadow Of Liberty - Geoff Adams, 13:00, DV

"'Tyranny' and 'Despotism' sound like old words describing old phenomena. Nope, there's plenty to go around today. The Boston Tea Party triggered a revolution that started a whole new country. But something's gone wrong because now multinational corporations have really gained the upper hand - just like the East India Company did back in 1773. Mr. Adams, in breeches and waistcoat, is a 'Reenactivist' determined to add his voice to the rabble. What would you throw in Boston Harbor today?"

Shittiest Mixtape Boombox Blast - Human Giant/Jason Woliner, 3:00, video

At a recent Crash Test, Aziz Ansari challenged his roommate Zach to see who could come up with the shittiest mixtape. Each contestant was to choose five songs. Their other roommate, Merlin, would act as judge. The loser would have to walk around the city, blasting all ten songs from a boombox. Aziz lost the contest.


6 PM - Narrative Shorts

The Bread Squeezer - Kasia Kowalczyk, 20:00, 16mm (shown on video)

When Andrew's loving parents die in a tragic Christmas tree accident, he is taken in by his well-meaning, but extremely regimented Aunt. His life then spirals out of control as he becomes obsessed with squeezing bread. Fortunately for Andrew, the cashier at Pickle's Grocery has fallen in love with him, giving him love instead of bread.

Carniceria - Jon Nunan, 5:14, 16mm (shown on video)

"A piece of beef comes of age in Los Angeles." A girl strips, feeds her clothes to a mound of muppet-meat, and throws up.

Day Of The Cabbage! - Jeff "Jeffu" Warmouth, 10:00, DVCProHD

"In this giant-monster movie with an all-vegetable cast, a mysterious cabbage meteor crash-lands in a toxic supercrunch site, mutating into a hideous monster. Can young Billy Tomato and Dr. Bell Pepper help BRANDCO corporations save Matzoville from being flame-broiled out of existence. Shot on HD with real food." Another edible drama from the filmmaker who gave us Il Spaghetti Occidentalli (MCF 2002 - Way Cool Best Puppetry).

Dimension X - Nick Kunin, 6:30, digital animation

"Soap Opera cliffhangers and B-grade horror movies collide in this comic strip story of vampires, astronauts and political scandals." A new one from the maker of Assassin Nation (MCF 2003).

Disconnected - Karl Lind, 4:00, Super8 (shown on video)

"A woman sits waiting by the phone while a million tiny hearts break and a lonely song tries to play itself over and over. Somehow, everything is much more one sided than we would like it to be."

Fear Is A Lot Like Love - James Strzelinski,, 6:00, DV

"A sunbathing anarchist is seduced by a mysterious cult leader." A new one from the filmmaker who gave us Why Would Anyone Do Anything? ( MCF 2003) and Undisciplined (MCF 2002).

Perfidia - Rosario Garcia-Montero, 4:00, Super16/DV

"A study of atmospheres in a regular Brooklyn subway commute." A new one from the filmmaker who gave us Locked (MCF 2002).

Roboctopus - Robert Paraguassu, 10:00, 3D animation

Roboctopus, a delinquent half-robot, half-octopus, endangers the lives of two children for fun and profit. A new one from the maker of The Story of Mr. Children-For-Hands (MCF 2005).

Snoozer - Jason Affolder, 10:30, Super8 (shown on video)

"Snoozer is a Silent Comedy, a tale of Love, Watermelons, and a Pirate. Boy meets Girl and pursues her through a series of intertwining dreams, facing surreal obstacles and a dastardly rival for her affection. The film is inspired by Classic Cartoons, Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, and the music of the Beach Boys." A new one from the maker of The Swinger (MCF 1999 Way Cool Low-Budget Film Award).


8 PM - Stomp! Shout! Scream!

Stomp! Shout! Scream! - Jay Wade Edwards, 77:00, 35mm (shown on video)

"Edwards' loving homage to the short-lived beach-party-by-way-of-horror-film genre of the mid-Sixties does it better than American International Pictures ever did... As much fun as an episode of Hullabaloo-- snappy bouffants, earnest braniacs, hippy-hippy-shake, and all." -- Austin Chronicle

It's 1966 in a sleepy little Southern beach town that's about to get a little less sleepy. Theodora, Jody and Carol, a.k.a. all-girl garage rock band The Violas, are just passing through on the way to a gig when their vehicle breaks down. They are in luck, though, as mechanic Hector offers to fix their vehicle in exchange for the band playing a party at the garage. At the same time, local police are investigating the disappearance of the parents of a little girl found walking the beach in a state of shock. The investigation leads them to a strange pile of pungent debris of unknown origin that has washed up on the beach. Expert scientist Prof. John Patterson is brought in to help solve the mystery that may or may not have something to do with the legendary Skunk Ape (the Florida Everglades' version of Bigfoot). However, while strange things happen around town, John and Hector are busy competing for the affections of main-Viola, Theodora, whose mysterious past keeps getting in the way of her potential happiness with either man.

Don't expect laughs at the expense of retro-campiness. Much effort was made to make Stomp! Shout! Scream! look and feel like a genuine 1966 horror, rock & roll, beach-party movie, while at the same time transcending those genres rather than making fun of them. The film was made, as director Edwards says, "without parody, without condescension, without any retrospective irony".

It just seems right to end this MicroCineFest with Edwards' feature debut. He tells us MicroCineFest was the first festival to screen his films, and we've always said his work truly embodies the MicroCineFest spirit. We've shown his Project: Tiki Puka Puka (MCF 1999 Best Short Video Award) and Esta Noche We Ride! (MCF 2001 Best Western Award), and have enjoyed his presence at our festival so much that he has become a staple on our jury (which is why, in the interest of fairness, we're showing Stomp! Shout! Scream! out of competition).


10 PM to 11 PM - Festival Wrap-Up and Wind-Down

As we bring to a close another MicroCineFest, join us as we announce the Audience & Jury Award winners and re-watch some festival favorites. As part of MicroCineFest's sponsorship of the CAmm Slamm, we will be screening CAmm Slamm 2006's First Place Audience Choice Award winner, Wanted Man by Bill DeWald, which was also given a Jury Award for Innovation. Free admission with a ticket stub from any previous MCF 2006 screening.


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