6 PM - Human BEEing w/shorts

Argus - Freddy Maskeroni, 2:24, CG, stock footage, stills

"Man begins to watch space, as space begins to watch man." Flying saucers, ancient ruins, and the Baltimore Aquarium... do you see the connection?

Bubblecraft - Geoff Marslett, 6:00, digital animation

"Bubblecraft is the story of everyday people. Workdays are okay. School is so-so. Life isn't bad, but it isn't that good either. What does it take to pull them out of their hum-drum? A Bubblecraft." A mesmerizing animated music video for the band Pilotdrift from the filmmaker who gave us Eskimo Scene & French Scene (MCF 2003) and Monkey Vs. Robot (MCF 1999 - Best Animated Short).

Casket Climber Insect God - Brian Lonano, 2:38, video

"After death, Teeth Man spends time around his casket with a monstrous insect and other horrid creatures before transforming into one himself." A music video for the band, Kage Bunshin.

Celebration's New Skin - Bump, 3:00, video

Mesmerizing overlapping layers of manipulated video comprise this music video for Celebration. A new work from Bump, who previously gave us Absence Of Limbs (MCF 2001).

Celestial Broadcast for Mrs. Jones - Kathleen Quillian, 3:20, DV

"A housewife's world is turned topsy-turvy when she receives an unexpected guest through the radio."

Greenie Travels - Bogdan Szabo, 6:00, Photoshop & AfterEffects

"Greenie travels across the countryside and commits copyright infringement." See also Bogdan Szabo's collaborations with Matthew Silver, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Bush Satan Peace, showing in this festival.

The Human BEEing - Tony Shea, 45:00

An homage to 1950s B-Horror movies, The Human BEEing tells the terrifying tale of a greedy boss and a mad scientist who conspire to turn their office of typists into worker bees. Things are looking up for Danasco Typing Company owner Allen Danasco. By splicing together human and worker bee DNA, Allen's in-house mad scientist, Dr. Charles Metzenbeamer, has created "the worker of the future" - The Human BEEing. Dr. Metzenbeamer introduces The Human BEEing, cleverly disguised in a moustache and wig, into the office typing pool as the new employee, Mr. Hives. The disguise doesn't prevent the innocent typist, Stacey Van Meterson, from falling for the "interesting" Mr. Hives. But Stacey's jealous boyfriend at the company, the All-American Joe De Compana, doesn't take too kindly to his girl's wandering eyes. In a jealous rage, Joe confronts Mr. Hives and uncovers Allen and Dr. Metzenbeamer's more sinister plan for the typists. Will it be too late for Joe to stop Allen and Dr. Metzenbeamer? Will Joe prevail over evil? Will the face of humanity be permanently changed? To find out, you'll have to watch The Human BEEing.

In The Nick (Everything Is Timing) - Jason Middleton, 3:09, Super8 (shown on video)

"Instructional film for math rock." A music video for the song, "Shayna Wuz Here... Peeing Like A Cheetah" by Cantwell Gomez and Jordan.

Oomper Oomper - Michael Robinson, 5:00, 2D animation

"Oomper Oomper is a fractured palindrome that is broken into 2 parts: a forwards and reverse version. These two interlocking pieces form one cohesive whole, centering on ideas of perception, memory, direction, life and death." With music by Ant Yeti Ant.

The Struggle - Luku Trembath, 2:41, Flash

"An observation of reality as it exists 3 lenses of perspective from here." Featuring custom audio by Kassabio.

Team Queen - XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 3:37, 35mm (shown on video)

This music video for Triple Creme's song, "Team Queen," is a gender-bending, fire-breathing, tassel-twirling, post-punk rock ' roll prom! Featuring stars from New York's burlesque scene, including Murray Hill, Julie Atlas Muz, Tigger, Scarlet Sinclair, Molly the Dolly and Scotty the Blue Bunny. New work from the filmmaker who gave us Packaged Goods and PacMouse (MCF 2003).


8 PM - Experimiscellaneous Shorts

All - Arturo Menchaca, 2:49, digital stills

"Light, color, and correlated sound. A program for the human nervous system." (STROBE ALERT!)

All That Remains - Stephanie Maxwell & Michaela Eremiasova, 6:00, DVcam

"All That Remains is an intricate mosaic of sequences of animated abstract images and musical passages that create a chaotic yet coherent and tightly choreographed portrayal of figurative matter in perpetual decomposition." A new collaboration from a co-creator of Time Streams (MCF 2003) and terra incognita (MCF 2002).

The Boy In The Air - Lyn Elliot, 2:00, video

"An enigmatic advertisement inspires a letter. The Corporation writes back."

Caress - Mendel Hardeman, 7:12, miniDV

"Insects walk around, disoriented, and cannot find their way. They are lost in a world which is intimate but at the same time extremely strange. Caress is a bittersweet poem of loneliness, rage and unfulfilled longing. A twisted lullaby acts as background to a world inhabited by feelings of misplaced tenderness, crawling around as insects lost in a desert of human skin."

Dollar Disobedience - Bill VanDall, 1:10, scanner/miniDV

"The U.S. dollar bill is used as a medium to disseminate reasons for why G.W. Bush should be impeached. A computerized voice provides a grade-school lesson on the value & life of a dollar bill."

Given: The Undead - Adam Trowbridge, 8:14, DV

"A pulsating horror machine. Public domain footage from Night Of The Living Dead (1968) quivers as temporal continuity breaks down resulting in 8 minutes of unrelenting visual assault." (STROBE ALERT!)

The Joy Of Leisure - Daniel J. Anderson, 6:00, super8/16mm (shown on video)

"A hallucinogenic journey into the heart of America. This film was shot in small towns across America during the 'Fall of 2004', and was made in response to that Fall's political elections."

Kyrie Eleison - Mendel Hardeman, 3:55, miniDV

"Two Renaissance Sixtine Chapel angels aren't listening to the prayers but prefer to escape their divinity and dive into bodily pleasures. Man and woman, they decide to become one in the flesh in a quite peculiar and unsettling way, while in the background an orthodox priest begs forgiveness for the sins of the world. Made through a scanning process of a rotation film set."

Let's Get Out Of Here - Rahne Alexander, 2:35, film clips

"A star-studded tribute to the Dream Factory's allegedly most-uttered line."

LIFE - Daehwan Cho, 1:30, miniDV

Timelapse photography of burning candles, in sync with music.

Nebulous 1 - David Wanger, 5:20, digital stills

The first part of a trilogy of experimental videos by director David Wanger and musician Curt Seiss. Each part is composed of rapidly cycling still images set to soundscapes by Seiss.

The One And The Many - André Silva, 4:00, miniDV

"Several actors mimic fragments of a pre-recorded monologue based on 17th century philosopher Gottfried Leibniz's ponderings. The film juxtaposes the collective recreation of the monologue with the spontaneous gestures of actors." A new one from the maker of Spam Letter + Google Image Search = Video Entertainment (MCF 2005).

(rock/hard place) - Roger Beebe, 6:15, 16mm

"Morro Bay, California is a little coastal tourist town known mostly for the Morro Rock, a volcanic plug that sits at the mouth of the Bay. In all the postcards of Morro Bay, the image is framed so that you can't tell that just beyond the edge of the postcard, maybe a few hundred yards from the Rock, is a gargantuan power plant with 3 towering smoke stacks. This film tries to restore the power plant to the frame, so that we can start thinking about what the juxtaposition of these two massive objects might mean." One of two new ones from the filmmaker who brought us One Nation Under Tommy (MCF 2005), Famous Irish Americans (MCF 2003), Composition In Red & Yellow (MCF 2002 Small Gauge Award), Strip Mall Trilogy (MCF 2001 Way Cool Super8 Film Award), and What Boys Want (MCF 2000 Way Cool Use Of A Lite-Brite Award).

S A V E - Roger Beebe, 5:00, 16mm

"A disused gas station offers a curious imperative: 'Save.' A riddle posed in the form of architecture: what is there to save? One more installment in the history of Americans pointing their cameras at gas stations; an attempt to figure out something about where we've been, where we're headed, and what's been left behind. The first part of S A V E was edited entirely in camera."

Tempera - John Rouse, 5:00, DV

"An experiment with color and music." Various paints are poured over a plain white sculpture/set, creating wet splashes of colorful abstraction.

Yellow Cab - Michael L. Schmidt, 2:00, VHS tube-based camera image recorded to miniDV

"A simple two second clip, through editorial abstraction, is extended to two minutes. The realtime clip is fractured into multiple pieces, slowly pulled together into a whole, and then systematically broken down from the middle outwards. The effect creates a negative space of the moments before and after the existence of a passing car, leaving in the vacant frame only a manhole cover and the pulsating stereo soundtrack."


10 PM - My Life As An Underdog

My Life As An Underdog - Boris Gavrilovic & Leon Martin, 80:00, video

Baltimoreans who frequent Hampden's annual Mayor's Christmas Parade each November, and/or those who watch public access cable show Atomic TV are already well aware of "Underdog Lady." But how much do we really know about the woman behind the red tights and cape?

My Life as an Underdog is the mesmerizing story of Suzanne Muldowney, a performance artist who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, (an Autistic Spectrum Disorder). For the past thirty years she has been taking her interpretive dances of the cartoon superhero, "Underdog," to parades, community events and cable access television in an attempt to make her dream come true.

Spanning over a course of seven years this film follows one strangely fascinating person's struggle to find the true meaning of life. From her feud with Howard Stern over appearances on his television show to controversy on the parade route, Underdog captivates. Terrified by the possibility that she will die in anonymity she takes her costumes, dance and ideas on the road. Her story lends perspective to the unlimited potential of people of differing abilities and ultimately tells a tale about the resilience of the human spirit. Intimate interviews with Suzanne and people who know her, her performances and childhood memories are woven into a tapestry that creates a frank, open and honest portrait of a real person.

My Life as an Underdog examines the idea of fame and explores one woman's quest for immortality.

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