6 PM - Night Of The Day Of The Dawn Of The Son Of The Bride Of The Return Of The Revenge Of The Terror Of The Attack Of The Evil Mutant Hellbound Flesh Eating Subhumanoid Living Dead, Part II

Night Of The Day Of The Dawn Of The Son Of The Bride Of The Return Of The Revenge Of The Terror Of The Attack Of The Evil Mutant Hellbound Flesh Eating Subhumanoid Living Dead, Part II -Lowell Mason 95:00

Widely dubbed and circulated among cult film fanatics, most fans of Lowell Mason's controversial film have only seen low-quality multi-generational VHS-dubs these past 13 years. We're proud to present this authorized public screening of a film that holds the distinction of having one of the longest movie titles in American film history, as well as one of the greatest profit-to-budget ratios, too. The official background story on this film: "In 1967, George Romero, using non-professional actors and actresses and a crew made up of friends and relatives made what has become the most famous horror film of all time, "Night Of The Living Dead." [In 1992], filmmaker Lowell Mason, while reviewing "Night Of The Living Dead" noticed some severe flaws in the structure of the script. He obtained a copy of the film, wiped out the entire soundtrack, and replaced it with his own dialogue and music." What Mason ended up making is a silly comedy about the class division among America's working forces - a war between the white collars (the norms) and the blue collars (the zombies). Mason populates Romero's stark world with an invisible duck, Tommy The Talking Shotgun, inappropriate background music & sound effects, and a cast that can't decide what to order for dinner. Leave your political correctness at the door. This film is chock full of lowbrow humor that we ought to be embarrassed for laughing at, but at the same time there are too many brilliant and clever moments to ignore.


8 PM - Shorts Program 2: Comedy Shorts

Archive: The Changing World Of Film - Charlie Cline 6:00

A look back at early experiments in cinema, reminiscent of Edison's short films, with titles like "Man Opens Umbrella," "Woman Prepares Sandwich," and "Cowboy Knits Sweater." As the short vignettes progress, something goes horribly awry.

Deliverance: The Musical - David Fickas 8:00

The title of this short is self-explanatory: it's a scene from John Boorman's classic 1972 film, DELIVERANCE, had it been made as a musical.

High & Gruesome - Vince DiMeglio 2:30

From Vince DiMeglio and Tim Rasmussen, the team who brought us FITS & STARTS (MCF 2002 Audience Choice Best Short) and EL ELEGANTE (MCF 2003), comes this faux trailer for an upcoming movie. Verlin and Iris return to the screen to tell us all about a movie that has something for everyone, including action, adventure, romance, science fiction, non-fiction, special effects, girls in bathing suits spraying pesticide, and a whole lot more.

Method For Self-Defense Against Scorpions - Tanner Almon 14:00

A young trailblazer presents the only possible method of defense against the scorpions. Traditional methods such as poisons and "scorpion attack toads" are destined to fail, but a pair of "very taught rubber bands" should do the trick.

Oedipus - Jason Wishnow 8:00

Told in a grand epic Hollywood manner reminiscent of BEN HUR, the tale of Oedipus, a man who killed his father and bedded his mother, is acted out in this short by common variety garden vegetables. From the same filmmaker who gave us TATOOINE OR BUST (MCF 98).

Oh My God - John Bryant 10:00

"Oh my God! How did this happen?" A helpless everyman comes home to a shocking discovery.

Quest For The Orb - The Flying McDavid Brothers 5:00

A wizard enlists a knight and his potted plant to find a missing orb that holds great powers, but warns them to beware of "The Stouche." This award-winning, mostly-animated short was made as part of a filmmaking competition in which the filmmakers had 48 hours to complete a film that featured a John Stockton bobblehead doll, a body of water, a sunrise, and elements of fantasy and action/adventure.

Safety First -Scott Calonico & Stacy Mead 5:00

Tom and Patty just want to get to work, but that would involve entering morning rush hour traffic first.

Soda Pop Cough Drop - Tanner Almon 8:00

On a desert mission to rescue goldfish from sharks, Cough Drop and Soda Pop hit an unexpected snag when Cough Drop is abducted by a flying hammerhead shark and returns with an explosive moustache.

Space Boy Chronicles - Tanner Almon 2:30

A space boy and a geographer try to one-up each other until they realize it's better to work together.

Spam Ku - Steve Tsuchida 5:00

A man wins a contest to write a haiku about Spam

The Story of Mr. Children-For-Hands - Robert Paraguassu 3:00

Mr. Children-For-Hands goes to work each day, eating the trees in the park.. But what happens when there are no more trees?


10 PM - Shorts Program 3: That's Psychotronic!


Deadly Squids From Beyond Saturn - Robb Rugan 6:00

A sci-fi b-movie homage made as part of a 48 hour filmmaking competition.

Destroy All Robots - Blake Myers 15:00

Life was good for Carlos until the day his Robot went all moist on him. Enter the robot-hating robot repairman, Hernandez, who convinces Carlos to do without his malfunctioning robot and get a French maid instead. Life is good once again for Carlos, until his robot returns to team up with the French maid and teach Carlos and Hernandez a lesson about the relationship between humans and technology.

Farmer Brown - Charlie Cline 4:00

Aliens, robots, and ghouls are no match for Farmer Brown. Never get in the way of a man doing his work.

Robot Rising - Damon Bishop 10:00

Another masterpiece of cinematic oddness from the filmmaker who gave us BUTTONS (MCF 2003). This video explores "the dangers of cats, robots, flying saucers, and G.W. Bush."

Robot-Tussin - Nikc Miller 3:00

After drinking too much "Tussin," a man is confronted by a robot that merely wants to give him some chunk ham. From the same camp that gave us DISTORTION and AMBITION (MCF 2002), HANA, INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERSTELLAR CODE, and THE 30 SECOND HARFORD COUNTY EXPERIENCE (MCF 2003).

The Adventures of Sassparilla, The Singing Gorilla - Chuck Porterfield

Chapter One: Mechasassparilla 10:00

When the evil Black Widow and his henchman Conrad plan to steal Dr. Newtonious' Enlargement Ray during it's unveiling at the Song-Off Competition, it's up to Sass Parilla and his friend, Gary Novak, to save the day. Little do they expect to have to battle the enormous Mechasassparilla.

Chapter Two: Are We There Yeti? 14:00

Mere seconds after unveiling his latest invention, the Gun-Desintigratatron, Dr. Newtonious receives word that his friend, female scientist Jade Yau, is in trouble in the frozen wasteland of Napal. Sass Parilla, Gary Novak, and Heindrich the mute Eskimo join the doctor on a rescue mission, only to find they've been tricked by the Black Widow who is anxious to try out his own new invention -a machine that can summon the dreaded arctic Yeti to do battle with Sass Parilla.

Chapter Three: Chilapuna Nightmare 18:00

Armed with Dr. Newtonious' latest invention, The Invis-A-Belt, Sass Parilla, Gary Novak, and Jade Yau head to a strange island to investigate the disappearances of many of the islanders. They get more than they bargained for when they learn that The Black Widow and Conrad are behind the disappearances.,

  Plus a surprise premiere film and a potential musical guest!!!

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