6 PM - Shorts Program 4: Narrative Shorts

Egg - Benh Zeitlin 9:00 16mm

Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" is given a surrealistic interpretation in this microscopic tale of epic tragedy about a pea-sized pirate's quest to slay his golden nemesis.

Guts Of The Gods - Conall Pendergast 12:00

A young activist's move to save a crumbling relic of a forgotten civilization leads her into the darkest corridors of confusion and terror. Another live action / animation hybrid from a filmmaker whose blood and gore is no stranger to MicroCineFest's screen, Conall Pendergast (KILL THEM AND EAT THEM, MCF 2003; SATAN'S PSYCHO GHOUL, MCF 2002 Low Budget Film Award).

Nomar No. 3 - Tanner Almon 27:00

When the head of a swimming family botches a diving board stunt involving a beach ball, it brings shame to the family. Responsibility falls on the shoulders of Nomar No. 3 to perform the stunt satisfactorily and return the family's pride, but can he get up the nerve, or must he be tricked into doing the right thing?

The Waldo Cumberbund Story - Simon Ennis 13:00

Ever since he was a little boy, Waldo Cumberbund has dreamt of playing ukulele and traveling the world in a Hawaiian music band. Unfortunately his cross-dressing single father needs Waldo to stick around and help with the family business, Papa Herman Cumberbund & Son Adult Pleasure Playground. Things seem bleak until Waikiki Wanderers bandleader, Oswald Peppercorn, and the beautiful Wanda Gladstone show up at the store. A new one from the team responsible for THE BUSINESS OF SUICIDE (MCF 2003 Best Short Award).

Why Must I Be A Zombie In Love? - Ben Jurin 17:00

Two young zombies, Lilly and Jawboy, chase their dinner into a bar. Just as it seems romance might blossom between the two zombies, Jawboy's ex-girlfriend, Natasha the vampire, shows up with her new boyfriend, Xavier the Prince of Darkness. Potential romance isn't the only thing Jawboy stands to lose at the hands of Xavier, but if bar patron, Doctor Proctoreous, has his way, Jawboy may end up becoming the new Zombie Messiah. Filmmaker Ben Jurin co-directed THE APARTMENT WAR (MCF '98).

Year Of The Scapegoat - Ross Novie 17:00

"With most other races facing annihilation, who'll be left for the ticker-tape parade?" In this comedy thriller, a distraught man investigating the disappearance of his son, risks being labeled a racist bastard as he untangles a global conspiracy involving a secret Chinese plan to take over the world.


8 PM - Derailoaded: Inside the Mind of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer

Derailroaded: Inside the Mind of Larry "Wild Man" Fischer - Josh Rubin and Jeremy Lubin 86:00

Finally, someone has made a documentary about outsider music legend / Frank Zappa protege, Wild Man Fischer. Institutionalized at age 16 after attacking his mother with a knife, paranoid-schizophrenic Larry Fischer wandered the mean streets of L.A. singing his totally unique brand of songs for 10 cents to passersby. Discovered by Frank Zappa, with whom he cut his first record album, Fischer became an underground club and concert favorite with a strong cult following, landing him on the music charts and national television (Laugh-In). He was the subject of a comic book, was the first artist to be recorded on Rhino Records, recorded a duet with Rosemary Clooney, and worked extensively with Barnes & Barnes (of "Fish Heads" fame). Extensive archival footage from throughout Fischer's career, mixed with animation and puppetry recreations, trace his life from neglected child to tortured genius. Includes interviews with Frank and Gail Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh, Solomon Burke, Dr. Demento, and Billy Mumy.


10 to 11 PM - Festival Wrap-Up and Wind-Down

As we bring to a close another MicroCineFest, join us as we announce the Audience Award winners and re-watch some festival favorites.
Free admission with a ticket stub from any previous MCF 2005 screening.

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