8 PM - Shorts Program 1: Get With The Concept

Full Metal Slacks -Scott Calonico 5:00

On August 7, 1964, President Johnson signed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Two days later he ordered a pair of pants. Incorporating real found images, text, audio, and educational/propaganda films, Full Metal Slacks is similar in spirit to Scott Calonico's previous doc shorts, LSD A-GO-GO and THE KING & DICK (MCF 2002). We also have him to thank for THE COLLEGIANS ARE GO!!! (MCF '99), MONDO FORD (MCF 2000), and THE CREEPEES VS. ROBOT MONSTER NUMBER TWO (MCF 2003).

Have You Seen This Man? - Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden 18:00

This short doc explores NYC's post-modern consumer market through artist/businessman Geoff Lupo as he advertises and sells everything from a pen cap to a used thumbtack. Is Geoff playing an inane, elaborate prank, somehow provoking New Yorkers to cross boroughs in order to purchase a fifteen-cent cracker? Or is he paving the way for the greatest artistic revolution since Andy Warhol's Pop movement of the 1960s?

Joyride -John Cernak 6:00

What "THE MAN" wants, "THE MAN" gets... and if you don't pay attention it will all go by in the blink of a sound bite! This political satire pokes fun at governments as a whole, through MANY subtle and not-so-subtle analogies.

Kosmos -Thorsten Fleisch 5:00

"The mystery of the crystals under closer examination. What is it that makes them possess magic powers as claimed by mystics of all ages? Through growing crystals directly on film their mystical qualities shine straight to the screen. Unfiltered, only aided by light which gracefully breaks its rays into rich visual textures." Before running Thorsten Fleisch's crystals through our projectors, MicroCineFest has projected his blood (BLUTRAUSCH, MCF 2001), his skin (HAUTNAH, MCF 2002), as well as his videos, K.I.L.L. (MCF 2002), MAS FUERTE and GESTALT (both MCF 2003).

La Lotería (excerpts) - Jim Finn 19:00

La Lotería is a series of single-channel videos with a music track based on the Mexican card game. Lotería is Spanish for lottery, which the Oxford English Dictionary describes as "that which comes to a person by lot or chance." The videos use cultural references like love songs, sports, animals, revolutionary ballads, and political iconography such as someone lifting a wet log to see what's underneath. Out of the 18 pieces that make up La Lotería, we will be showing the following 7:

El Morro (2:30) - Footage of Fidel Castro is juxtaposed with Leonard Nimoy's "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins".

wustenspringmaus (3:00) -"Jim Finn's Wustenspringmaus, a well-sprung, rear-screened account of a gerbil's life in the Seventies." -Guy Maddin, Film Comment.

La Palmera (2:00) -A love letter from a Florida car wash.

The Golden Horde (4:30) -An educational animal film about control and a broken heart: "Tomorrow, we begin again!"

El Payaso (3:00) -Stars the gerbil, Francoise, in his Habitrail gridiron.

La Estrella (2:30) -Cosmonaut stamps and communist icons turn a Frank and Nancy Sinatra song into another Internationale.

La Ardilla (2:00) -A charming peek at the relationship between a man and a squirrel.

One Nation Under Tommy - Roger Beebe 15:00

Adapted from the children's game known as 'telephone" or "grapevine," ONE NATION UNDER TOMMY is a mutation/deformation/liberation of a cynically patriotic Tommy Hilfiger commercial. The commercial was given to a writer who wrote a script from it that was then given to a filmmaker who made a film of that script which was then passed to another writer who wrote a new script from it which was then passed to another filmmaker who made another film from it, and so on for five times. A new work courtesy of frequent MCF award-winner, Roger Beebe (WHAT BOYS WANT, MCF 2000; STRIP MALL TRILOGY, MCF 2001; COMPOSITION IN RED & YELLOW, MCF 2002; FAMOUS IRISH AMERICANS, MCF 2003). This time, Roger conceived, produced, and assembled the final project, but left the scripting and filmmaking to Gregory S. Moss, Josh Gibson, Julie Shapiro, Sallie Patrick, Nicole Deane, Nayeli Garci-Crespo, Kendra Gaeta, Michael Gersten & Michael Lahey, Deborah Broderson, and Chris Jolly.

Spam Letter + Google Image Search = Video Entertainment - André Silva 3:00

Each word of a spam letter is matched with one of hundreds of available online images that have been linked, however obscurely, to that word.

Uso Justo - Coleman Miller 22:00

What happens when an experimental filmmaker makes a narrative film about an experimental filmmaker making an experimental film in a fictional town? Welcome to Uso Justo, a town straight out of an old Mexican film noir movie (literally), where the residents are up in arms about the local production of an experimental film, only to find out they are all a part of it.


10 PM - Story of a Fructiferous Society

Story of a Fructiferous Society - The Ballooning One (aka tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE) 86:00

To say that tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (tENT for short) is prolific would be an understatement. Since the early Seventies he has completed 246 films and videos, written many books and released many audio recordings. He is an underground legend, in a league of his own, who has yet to get the attention he so much deserves. Story of a Fructiferous Society is his 48th feature, and oddly enough, marks the first time his work has been shown at MicroCineFest despite his inspiration being a major influence for this festival.

For anyone who complains about the abundance of mindless entertainment in the world of cinema, you MUST see this film! The idea of a feature length experimental film might scare some people away, but you shouldn't need to be a daring cinephile to appreciate this particular work no matter how unconventional it might seem compared to ANYTHING ELSE you've ever seen. This "e-book/video" is an educational feast for the senses, making the best use of a combination of sound, picture, and text. In just under an hour and a half, tENT takes us through various histories of and methods for language. Through word games, philology, performance art, and experiments, tENT delivers what he describes as, "an ecstatic Kabbalist's eruption of language," generously laced with tENT's sense of humor and trademark experimental filmmaking style. Imagine a fun and interesting college course crammed into your cranium in 86 minutes and you still won't fully know what to expect. tENT has a lot of knowledge and concepts to pass on to his audience, and he does it in such a way that a sensory overload is not out of the question, but it just might be the best sensory overload you've ever had.


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