Goblin Wars – Adam Kelly & Michael Bush, 51:00, video

During a time of war between Goblins and Fairies, a dying King, a loyal General, an imprisoned Queen, and a mutinous Advisor struggle to expand an empire. Someone will fall. GOBLIN WARS is packed with must-see desktop special effects and a sincerity that makes the most of its budgetary constraints.

Adam Kelly, 4037 N. Gale Rd., Davison, MI 48423, 810-653-3454 or 810-287-2876,,

The Last Dream – Andy Bouvé & Josh Boyle, 9:30, 16mm (shown on video)

Dreams are dying. There is only one little girl in the world who still dreams, and the Sandman’s existence depends upon her.

19432 Rena Ct., Brookeville, MD 20833, 301-693-6565,,
Skylarks – Kurt Ziegler, 18:20, video

Follow Stryker, Spar and Soar, our bird-like heroes, as they try to thwart the evil Dr. Kestrel’s diabolical plan to rid the world of everyone with his evil formula, so he can have free movies and popcorn all for himself. Will the Skylarks get there in time? Follow them on their mission, having fun and making jokes along the way!

3615 Saltwood Glen, Pasadena, MD 21122,, 410-255-8671


The Creepees vs. Robot Monster Number Two - Scott Calonico, 18:00, Super-8 (shown on video)

We’ve seen the works-in-progress and promotional-clip music video. Now we finally get to see the long-awaited completed sequel to THE COLLEGIANS ARE GO!!! (Way Cool Award Winner - MCF ‘99). Seiko, the Smartest Boy in the Universe, has been kidnapped, and it's up to the Creepees (Ninja Creepee, Sushi Creepee and Nick Adams, Jr.) to get him back!! This one has it all: giant robot monsters, a Geisha, the world's worst ninja, UFO's, giant radioactive crabs and ants, a mysterious abandoned military base, a 1964 American Motors Rambler and a special guest appearance by The Collegians!! This is the kind of psychotronic filmmaking that MicroCineFest would like to see a lot more of! From the same camp that gave us MONDO FORD (Low-Budget Film Award - MCF 2000) and THE KING AND DICK (MCF 2002).

AD&D Films, PO Box 16650, Austin, TX 78761, 512-929-0837,,
I’m OK, You’re Undead – Hillary Kolos & Billups Allen, 1:35, Super-8 (shown on video)

Zombies spoil a perfectly good picnic. Music by Corn On Macabre.

Hillary Kolos, 74 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11225,

PT Shutdown – Hillary Kolos & Billups Allen, 1:40, 16mm (shown on video)

A pterodactyl is on the loose, a crowd is on the run, and the scientists are distracted. Music by Corn On Macabre.

Hillary Kolos, 74 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11225,
Rated R... For Zombies – Matt Babb, 20:00, video

Video store employees become zombies for some reason. Carnage ensues.

965 Branch Mill Rd., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420, 805-473-2209,
Season’s Greetings – James W. Harris, 2:22, video

The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy and surprises. Another jaw-dropping, simple horror video in the same vein as the filmmaker’s previous FLESH ORGY OF THE ZOMBIE TOTEM (MCF 2002).

Amazing Temple of Miracles, 12 Indian Ridge Ct., Rydal, GA 30171-1527,,
Shaman vs. Ikarus - György Pálfi, 16:00, 35mm (shown on video)

A visually-amazing live-action comic book based on Greek mythology. Shaman must battle his nemesis, Ikarus, who is intent on bringing the city’s busses to winged-life and fly them into the sun.

Katalin VAJDA, Magyar Filmunió, Városligeti fasor 38., 1068 Budapest, Hungary, P:+36.1.351.7760, F:+36.1.352.6734,
Skunk Ape!? – Matt and Greg Brookins, 30:00, video

What if a bunch of punk kids played their music way too loudly in the Everglades and ticked off an ape-man? This is the heart warming tale of a bigfoot’s bloody path of vengeance through the streets of Chicago. A new one from the filmmakers who made RONI VS. LINCOLN (MCF 2002).,, 773-929-1969


The Real Old Testament – Curtis and Paul Hannum, 88:00, video

A feature-length parody of MTV’s popular reality show, “The Real World.” In this version it’s God and Adam and Eve and a host of other characters from The Book of Genesis who’ve agreed to have their lives videotaped. Five stories from the Bible are presented matter-of-factly by a gifted ensemble of comedic improvisers. It begins in the Garden of Eden, where the pesky serpent, a sock puppet based on Puck – the most notorious cast member in the history of “The Real World” – entices Adam and Eve to chow down on some forbidden fruit. The movie then moves on to portray the stories of Cain and Abel, Abraham, Lot, and Jacob; emphasizing actual passages from the Bible that would be particularly interesting to witness, like the Covenant of the Circumcision. The film faithfully sticks to what’s there in the scriptures, and fills in the blanks with dialogue. The departure from Biblical text comes at the end when the characters reassemble for a “Reunion Show” in front of a throng of modern-day fans in Hollywood (the serpent’s kind of town!). God’s not crazy about what ensues, but the fans love it.,


CAmm-Slam winner screening:
Cut Loose - Bill Dewald, 7:00, video
There's a marionette on the loose, and it's up to hard-boiled detective Jack Paradise (Brinton Jaecks) to bring him in. Conceived, produced, and projected within 48 hours for the 2nd Annual CAmm Slamm Video Production Contest. Also starring Sally Forrer and Laurel Peyrot.
Roadside Entertainment, 1009 Hilldale Court, Reading, PA 19605, 610-223-0079,

Awards Ceremony
While the Audience Ballots are being tallied and we await the jury's decisions, join us as we re-watch some festival favorites and requests. Once the results are in, our distinguished jury will make their presence known by announcing the recipients of this year's awards. Prizes supplied by our Awards Sponsors, Final Draft and Kodak.

Closing Night Party
It's not so much a party as it is a relaxing way to wind down a film festival. It's more like a very informal film screening. We hang out and watch more favorites and requests. It's your last chance to meet and socialize with that out-of-town filmmaker whose film blew your mind, before he or she heads home.


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