In Smog and Thunder – Sean Meredith, 46:00, video

A mockumentary about a civil war between Northern and Southern California set in the vaguely recent past. The Great War of California was the ultimate calamity in a state strewn with calamities – of which have repercussions that will be felt for decades to come. Based on the paintings of Sandow Birk, this film explores the history and stories behind California’s tragic conflict. The paintings and propaganda posters convey the intense hatred that had built up between the two great California cities, Los Angeles and San Francisco. When the powder keg ignited, the state was quickly consumed by this horrible war. Produced and directed by Sean Meredith, written by Sandow Birk and Paul Zaloom.

4414 Brunswick Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039, 818-545-1577,,
9 Is a Secret – Vanessa Renwick, 6:00, video

A deeply personal film recounting the filmmaker being asked to help a terminally ill friend die, and the link to the sudden appearance of crows in her immediate vicinity. A new piece from one of the filmmakers who won Best Documentary Film for RICHART at MCF 2002, co-founder of the Lucky Bum Film Tour.

Oregon Department of Kick Ass, 3727 NE Eleventh, Portland, OR 97212, 503-288-4341,,
Bodybags - Kirk Hostetter and Evan Mather, 11:00, video

Merle McNally loves his pet fishes, and for most of his twenty-four-hours-a-day, this simple fact provides a serene sustenance. But when waves of rhetoric and some half-a-world-away ugliness seeps through his subconscious, the comfort of his structured routine is threatened, and the very foundation of his everyday life lies in the balance.
Emergency Announcement – Mike Z, 1:30, video

It’s exactly what the title says it is. A welcome return to MCF for Mike Z (HOW TO START A REVOLUTION IN AMERICA, MCF ’99; A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO YOU FROM MIKE Z, MCF 2000).
Packaged Goods – XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 1:30, video

Beauty becomes revulsion as a woman chokes in her own packaging.
PacMouse – XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, 2:00, video

If life were a video game, the mice would have the highest score.
The Ramones and I - XXXXXXXXXXX, 6:30, Super-8 (shown on video)

A coming of age documentary about a teenage boy who finds salvation from the suburbs with the help of New York’s greatest punk band. A new one from XXXXXXXXXXX (ACNE, SANTIAGO VS. WIGFACE, Tilt’s ANIMATED CORPSE - MCF 2000; BLOOD DRINKERS and GOD IS DAD - MCF 2002).


Blood of the Beast - Georg Koszulinski, 67:00, video

In the year 2012, the 3rd great war comes to an end. The war claims no victors, but both sides succeed in executing their chemical warfare campaigns. The result is over 3 billion deaths. Ninety-eight percent of the male survivors are rendered sterile. Human reproduction is realized by means of cloning. The First Strand of clones are harvested in December of 2012 and received with overwhelming success. It is not until nineteen years later that the first problems arise, when all of the First Strand of clones suddenly become flesh-hungry maniacs. A new work from the filmmaker who made DESINFORMATSIA (MCF 2002).

3461 SW 2nd Ave., Apt. 124, Gainsville, FL 32607, 352-491-0941,,

I Was A Teenage Gangmember’s Initiation – Danny Perez, 12:00, 16mm/Super-8/miniDV (shown on video)

A man bikes home from work. An encounter with two spandex clad muggers propels our hero into a dental tragedy.

142 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225, 917-783-9662,
Turtle Soup – Wook Steven Heo, 13:30, 16mm (shown on video)

A wordless, carefully paced comedy of manners involving a wanna-be chef at a Chinese restaurant who plans the title’s dish but first he’s got to wrestle the pet reptile from a neighbor kid for the main ingredient.

315 Village Dr. Apt. #1, Syracuse, NY 13206, 315-414-0460,



The Business of Suicide - Simon Ennis, 35:00, video

Robert R. Mutt plans to kill himself today at exactly 3:11 pm... he just hasn’t planned it very thoroughly!

49 Boston Ave. Apt. 2, Toronto, ON Canada M4M 2T8, 416-778-8478,
Buttons - Damon Bishop, 17:14, video

A cautionary tale of a lonely man making a desperate birthday wish for a friend. His wish is granted in the form of Buttons, a walking talking teddy bear. Soon however things start to go horribly wrong.

3104 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647, 773-278-9791,
El Elegante – Vince DiMeglio, 16:40, 16mm (shown on video)

A young woman breaks into the hotel room of a lonely misfit. A new one from the filmmakers who blessed us with FITS & STARTS (Audience Choice Best Short - MCF 2002).

Tim Rasmussen, 1342 Graynold Ave. #A, Glendale, CA 91202, 818-243-8820,,
Over Modulated Marriage – Matthew Silver, 15:00, 16mm (shown on video)

“A dark comedy about a marriage that will crush your insides and make you throw up blood.” A new masterpiece of absurdity from MCF favorite, Matthew Silver (MOTHER & SON, MCF ’98; BEWARE OF THE HOT DOG PEOPLE and GODS OF PORCELAIN AND PLUMBING, MCF 2001).

154 S. Demarest Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621, 201-385-1869,


12 Hot Women - Alan Chan, 3:36, video

No Plot! No Story! Just 12 Hot Women! (A spoof of sexploitation movies).
Acid Horse - Jose Montesinos, 5:00, video

A puppet horse from a man’s past mysteriously comes to life to kill, maim, trip, and love as he rampages through the city.

629 Madrid St., San Francisco, CA 94112, 415-337-7137,
Another Flush - Sam Hurwitz, 13:35, video

Imagine that your feces has sensitive feelings, a consciousness and a sense of self. They are created in us, birthed from us and then, with innocence and trust, betrayed, abandoned and discarded immediately upon entering into this world with a flush down the toilet. Most face instant death at sewage treatment plants, and the few that survive must grow up in our society as a piece of shit... smelly, revolting and disgusting to all. ANOTHER FLUSH explores the lives of three extraordinary doody, Hannah, Marcus and Lee, who, despite having to overcome extreme adversity, find love, dignity and strength in a world that considers them waste.

3679 Motor Ave., Suite #303, Los Angeles, CA 90034, p: 310-842-8204, f: 310-842-8206,
Diary of a Flagger - Barry Smith & Arman Boyles, 10:40, video

A philosophical highway flagger turns to journaling to help him get through another boring day on the job.

Barry Smith, PO Box 4441, Aspen, CO 81612, 970-920-9462,,
Duck & Frisbee - Jose Montesinos, 5:20, video

A man has an uncomfortable relationship with a Frisbee.

629 Madrid St., San Francisco, CA 94112, 415-337-7137,
Famous Irish Americans – Roger Beebe, 8:00, video

Who’s your favorite Irish American? Georgia O’Keefe? William McKinley? Sandra Day O’Connor? How about Shaquille O’Neal? This video takes a look at the secret history of some of our most overlooked Irish-American citizens. In other words, this is a videotape about race, America, and the limits of binary thought. A new one from the maker of WHAT BOYS WANT (MCF 2000) and STRIP MALL TRILOGY (MCF 2001), both MCF “Way Cool” Award winners, plus COMPOSITION IN RED & YELLOW (Small Gauge Award, MCF 2002).

4008 Turlington Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-7310, 352-271-4265,
Introduction to the Interstellar Code – Nicholas Miller, John Bennett, Michael Bennett, 2:00, video

A parody of Harford County Network programming. A man explains the secrets of the universe as discovered in the elusive 3D chip!

Better Hollywood Productions, 635 Chapel Terrace, Havre de Grace, MD 21078,,
Mementoke – Matt Nix, 17:00, video

A parody of MEMENTO, in which a man who smokes too much weed has trouble remembering things, but must figure out who ripped him off. A new one from the filmmaker who made MIKE FEENEY’S SECRET OF SUCCESS and CHEKHOV’S GUN (MCF ’98).
Peer Pressure – Derrick King, 3:00, Super-8 (shown on video)

Entertaining kids at a party, the clown decides to take a break. The kids, wanting more candy, pressure “Billy” into asking the clown for more candy…

2211 W. Boone, Spokane, WA 99201, 509-327-4681,
Pipe Dreams – Sike Trike, 5:00, video

Competition heats up at the local skateboard ramp. From the in-camera collective that brought us ANARCHY CARPET (MCF 2002).

the 30 second harford county experience – Nicholas Miller, :30, video

A commercial for beautiful Harford County, Maryland.

Better Hollywood Productions, 635 Chapel Terrace, Havre de Grace, MD 21078,,
U – Yuri A, 4:00, 16mm

Facts on farts. An intimate introduction to the fine art of fart, starts and departs with a fart. With great music from rears to ears.

Yuri A, Kalchbuehlstr. 100, 8038 Zuerich, Switzerland, 043-300-34-09,
Une Histoire d’Amour – Peter Craig, 1:45, 16mm (shown on video)

An elderly woman contemplates the private life of a young man she observes over her morning coffee.

Spaceman X Media Productions, 428 Maine, Suite 170, Quincy, IL 62301, p:217-224-5322, f:217-224-5324,,
Why Would Anyone Do Anything? – Gym Jones, 5:00, video

A pregnant teen gets revenge on her dead ex-boyfriend and ultra-conservative mother by secretly mutating her fetus. A new one from the filmmaker who made UNDISCIPLINED (MCF 2002)., 773-255-2211

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