6PM - SCUMROCK w/shorts

The Electric Bra - anonymous, 3:00, video

Underwear with blinking lights on it... what will they think of next? This honest-to-god promotional video for an inventor hopeful of becoming Madonna's costume designer was the filmmaker's first paying gig out of college. The filmmaker wishes to remain anonymous, and you'll see why.

Love and the Monster - Miles Montalbano, 11:00, Super8 (shown on video)

A black comedy about loneliness and alienation, fantasy and reality, and one man's search for love in all the wrong places. Adapted from Gilbert Hernandez's "Love And Rockets" comic book, with an original score by Jonathan Richman, and Super8 camera work by MCF-fave, Danny Plotnick.

Gray Eminence Films, 323 Hearst Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112, 415-841-0425,

Scumrock - Jon Moritsugu, 79:00, video

From the man who brought us punk rock comedies like MOD FUCK EXPLOSION and TERMINAL USA (MCF '97), comes this story of rock-n-roll winners & losers, produced entirely on the now mostly-outdated format of analog-video. Miles (Kyp Malone) is a 28-year-old, pretentious, wannabe filmmaker trying to make the ultimate art film. With help from his pompous British DP, and his producer, a naive film student named Jelly, Miles is learning that failure is a big part of growing up. Likewise, Roxy (Amy Davis) is a struggling wannabe rockstar trying hard to remain hip, while her nemeses get all the recognition. Meanwhile, nice guy Crewcut's new girlfriend keeps making fun of him for having only one testicle, while hipsters await the arrival of controversial filmmaker, Jared Okubo (in a funny scene featuring cameos from filmmakers Craig Baldwin, Danny Plotnick, and Jon Moritsugu). SCUMROCK is full of original characters and situations, like a truly D.I.Y. hipster art film without all the pretentiousness. By proving it's the filmmaker and not the format, SCUMROCK puts the current DV revolution to shame.

Apathy Productions, PO Box 210535, San Francisco, CA 94121-0535,


8PM - Attention Shorts Program

Ablution - Eric Patrick, 12:30, 16mm

A film ritual in three acts, ABLUTION traces a character's disssociative journey through an archetypal cleansing. Visually dazzling time-lapse animation! Eric Patrick is currently an animator for Nickelodeon's "Blues Clues".

Eric Patrick, 900 W. Mary St., Austin, TX 78704, 512-444-7550,

desinformatsia - Georg A. Koszulinski, 34:00, video

In 1966, Saul Lennewitz received a radio transmission unlike anything ever heard before. He recorded his observations on audio reels containing over 140 hours of documentation. The United States Government has withheld these recordings from the public domain for over 30 years. Due to the Freedom of Information act, these recordings were released in 1999. The U.S. Government denies it's disinformation campaign targeted at Dr. Lennewitz and refuses to comment on the validity of the tapes. DESINFORMATSIA is based on the audio tapes and explores the paranoiac fear of the 1960's, drawing connections between past and present fears and their implications for the future of humanity.

Georg A. Koszulinski, 3461 SW 2nd Ave. #124, Gainesville, FL 32607, 352-491-0941,

Measure - Gaelen Hanson & Dayna Hanson, 7:00, 16mm

Taking place exclusively within the decaying walls of a constricted, 4-foot-wide corridor in an unrestored turn-of-the-century boarding school, MEASURE is an experimental work in the tradition of the abstract dance film.

33 Fainting Spells, 1122 East Pike Street #1428, Seattle, WA 98122,,

No Feet - Jane-Sarah MacFarlane, 9:30, 16mm/Super8 (shown on 16mm)

After the removal of his feet, a character must realize and observe certain life experiences to garner the wisdom necessary for his pursuit to grow wings.

Jane-Sarah MacFarlane, 38 Keyes St., Quincy, MA 02169, 617-479-9615,

Nocturne - Jay Johnson & Clancy Dennehy, 7:30, video

An inner child's journey of fear.

Clancy Dennehy,

The Provider - Matt Smith, 20:00, 16mm

A short course in agricultural economy. That's the most we can tell you without giving too much away, but if you're still a little creeped out by Matt's last film, BOB (MCF '99), you might have a good idea what sort of things to expect.

Sarah Shute, 854 18th St. #1, Santa Monica, CA 90403, 310-828-6122, f:310-828-0299,,


10PM - Narrative Shorts Program #1

Ambition - Nicholas Miller, 16:00, video

"Life is like TV: if you don't like what you see, tune out." AMBITION is a subtle comedy about a man's problems at work and at home.

Better Hollywood Productions, 635 Chapel Terrace, Havre de Grace, MD 21078,,

Flesh Orgy of the Zombie Totem - James W. Harris, 13:49, video

A professor steals a fabled zombie totem from Amazon natives. He is plunged into a depraved maelstrom of blood, horror, sexual perversion, soul-death and mind control. Innocent and guilty alike are trapped in an abnormal cesspool of twisted degenerate mire. A speculative docu-drama more real than reality itself.

James W. Harris, Amazing Temple Of Miracles, 12 Indian Ridge Ct., Rydal, GA 30171-1660,,

Kant's Gnawser - Sleaze Steele, 21:00, video

Immanual Kant (Rupert Wondolowski) and his imaginary pinching play-friend (Sleaze Steele) philosophize and wax rhapsodically and operatically over many topics and urban Baltimore settings as the daughter (Kristen Toedtman) mistakenly rejects an invitation to be Hitler's Argentine love-slave. A slapstick, surreal bastardization of a Blaster Al Ackerman play, from the man who brought us THE HALLOWEEN GOD (MCF 2000), a video that to this day still has members of our audience a little freaked out.

Sleaze Steele c/o Normals, 425 E. 31st St., Baltimore, MD 21218,

The Mummy Returns Again - Monroe Bardot, 18:45, video

The Mummy is back, and this time, he's terrorizing Baltimore's Harbor Place. A new one from Monroe Bardot (JIMMY JANG JANG - MCF'98, KUKLA FRAN & ADOLF - MCF'99).

Video Bardot, PO Box 5940, Baltimore, MD 21208, 410-484-7021,


The Suit - Catherine Pancake, 30:00, 16mm

A lonely boarding home tenant attempts to attract his neighbor's admiration by constructing a special suit (out of Vienna Sausages!). The project spins out of control as he is confronted with his deceased shop teacher, a mad landlady, a retired army general and others. As his sanity begins to crack, the true essence of love is revealed - madness. Based on the short story by acclaimed satirist/black humourist Blaster Al ackerman. Starring Tom Boram, with a cameo appearance by Sleaze Steele.

Catherine Pancake, 1501 Guilford Ave. A208, Baltimore, MD 21202

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