Friday November 2



The Drum Buddy Show - Rick Delaup, 50:00, video

Famed New Orleans inventor and dance club organist, Quintron, introduces us to his latest amazing patented invention, The Drum Buddy, a five-oscillator, light-activated mechanically-rotating drum machine/sound creating device. The Drum Buddy Show is a combination infomercial/infomercial-parody that also features white indie-rapper MC Trachiotomy, Miss Pussycat and her puppets, the Drum Buddy Dancers, late R&B legend Ernie K-Doe, and is hosted in perfect infomercial style by Bob Globel and Rebecca Simms.

Eccentric New Orleans, PO Box 791329, New Orleans, LA 70179-1329, 504-283-8610,,




Cow Monkey - Gabe Weisert, 85:00, High Definition (shown on video)

"Cow monkey… half man/half monkey-man". Twin brothers Roy and Gil are pretty sure that Big Foot killed their dog, Wanda II. They want revenge. In the same forest, Sydney, an anthropology student, has been looking for Big Foot since 1987. She wants to teach it sign language. Meanwhile a quiet, hirsute local named Grover spotted it last week, just over that ridge. Real–life twins John and James Reichmuth return as Gil and Roy in this sequel to Weisert’s previous feature, Fishing With Gandhi. Dennis Harvey of the San Francisco Guardian says, "No doubt there are people capable of laughing not once through Weisert’s uber-deadpan comedies. They should leave the country; we don’t want their kind here. If the digital revolution means more Gil and Roy movies, this is a ‘golden age’ indeed". We agree.

Gabe Weisert, 662 Capp Street #2, San Francisco, CA 94110, 415-613-8849,


8:00 - "Experimiscellaneous" shorts

Absence Of Limbs – Bump, 4:07, video

Layered imagery accompanies music by Cicada’s Andriana Pateris. A long awaited return to filmmaking from DJ Bump.

Bump Stadelman, 410-243-3653,

Blutrausch – Bloodlust - Thorsten Fleisch, 4:15, 16mm

Reminiscent of Stan Brakhage’s classic experimental film, Mothlight (in which pieces of moth were affixed to clear film leader), Bloodlust is an attempt to constitute a human/machine dialogue. It shows the filmmaker’s blood as seen/heard with the eyes/ears of the machine, which in actuality is a film projector with optical sound. The filmmaker affixed his own blood onto transparent film leader by cutting into the flesh and then pressing the film leader onto the wound, and by dripping fresh and clotted blood from a syringe onto the film leader.

Thorsten Fleisch, Gebrueder Wright Str. 13, 53125 Bonn, Germany, ++49-228-252960,

Canine - Amie Robinson, 3:05, video

Dreams and nightmares involving dogs and teeth.

Amie Robinson,, 919-942-9025

Clip (4000f.) - Robert Todd, 3:10, 16mm

A sequence of 10 images presented in 10 groups of 400 alternating frames. The primary image of a bird is gradually disfigured by the successive introduction of competing imagery, yet the overall field seems to have it’s own life.

Robert Todd, 57 Cornwall Street #3, Boston, MA 02130, 617-824-8867,,

Deadpan - Rick Raxlen, 6:00, 16mm (shown on video)

Using pop imagery, scratch animation, stock-character animation, and abstract ink washes, etc, the filmmaker attempts to evoke those troubled nights around the family dinner table when Dad would bring home tongue for dinner.

Rick Raxlen, 1716 Lee Ave., Victoria BC, 250-598-1937,,

Fightloop - Daniel Martinico, 2:00, video

A scene from an old Jacques Tourneur film, featuring Robert Mitchum, is cut-up and re-sampled, creating a whole new action sequence. This is one of three new pieces from Daniel Martinico (Out To Lunch, MCF ’98) – be sure to check out the other two: Wavelength and Mountain.

Daniel Martinico, UCSD Visual Arts Facility, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0084,

In Her Room - Francis Thberge, 1:38, Quicktime (shown on video)

"Visual and musical exploration on the subject of dreams & Nightmares. A person is captive in a room… this room is in fact her own mind, her own dreams & nightmares… "

Francis Thberge, 2177 Dezery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1W 2S3,,, p:1-514-521-9387, f:1-450-478-4118

Jon's Point, LA - Jack Beck & Nick Scherzinger, 3:30, video

Shot one summer night from a high lookout point above Laurel Canyon, the subject matter of Jon’s Point is simply and wholly Los Angeles, in all its glory. "A group of rowdy teens joined me and questioned what I was shooting, and why I was shaking my camera so much. I couldn’t then supply a sufficient explanation. I’ve later been asked if the imagery is a visual representation of the Hollywood lifestyle. Sure, earthquakes and all."

Jack Beck, 41 Cornell St. #6, Rochester, NY 14607, 716-241-3158,

The Last, The Rest - Johanna Dery, 4:30, 16mm

A tale of the tragic and flightless, as wingless birds and mystery disks move through a variety of frame-by-frame techniques including animation and optical printing, as well as the use of live-action photography.

Johanna Dery, PO Box 2328, Providence, RI 02906, 401-453-6811,

Logarithm - Clancy Dennehy, 3:00, video

Camera movements and jungle beats make dead sea logs dance. Music by Aphex Twin.

Clancy Dennehy, 1715 Woodland Dr., Vancouver, B.C. V5N 3N8,,

The Peritoneal Surfaces Are Smooth and Glistening - Walker Allen, 11:00, 16mm & Super8 (shown on video)

The filmmaker describes it as "A largely incoherent experimental mish-mash. You could say it’s about cats. But I wouldn’t". In actuality, it’s an impressive display of audio & visual editing, and yes, there are cats in it. If only we could pass out headphones to everyone in the audience so that you could truly experience the stereo audio the way it’s meant to be heard.

Walker Allen, 925 W. Clay St., Richmond, VA 23220, 804-643-0196,

Somewhere I Was Born - Tony Gault, 8:00, Super8 & 16mm (shown on 16mm)

A comic study of religion and evolution, the film documents the filmmaker’s brush with mortality after being diagnosed with cancer. The film was shot almost entirely on Super 8 film and then blown up to 16mm.

Tony Gault, 1311 East Bates Ave., Englewood, CO 80110, 303-789-4114

The Strip Mall Trilogy - Roger Beebe, 9:00, Super8 (shown on video)

The Strip Mall Trilogy attempts to liberate form & color from the idiotic consumerist landscape of postmodern America. The film was shot on Super8 film and, with the exception of a few sequences in Part 2, was edited entirely in camera. A new one from Roger Beebe (What Boys Want – Way Cool Use Of A Lite-Brite Award, MCF 2000).

Roger Beebe, 4008 Turlington Hall, Gainsville, FL 32611-7310, 352-271-4265,

Symphony Of A Great Actor - Michael Gersten, 3:00, video

A discovery of the symphonic elements found in fine acting. The work of master thespian, Keanu Reeves, is deconstructed and reconstructed into a musical and visual symphony.

Michael Gersten, 1710 NW 23rd St., Gainesville, FL 32605, 352-271-6100,

Transmigration - Jeremy Parr, 3:05, video

A meditation on the movement from one life to the next, when a very large bug is eaten alive by many tiny ants.

Jeremy Parr, 6705 Glenwood Way, El Cerrito, CA 94536, 415-722-2379,

A Code Of Courage - Kevin Walsh, 2:30, video

Found footage, a peeping tom, spinning breast fans, stop-motion animation monsters, a menacing lunchbox, and bubbles all come together in this experimental short.

Kevin Walsh, 410-552-9193,



10:00 - "Animation" Shorts

The Box - Stefan Gronsky, 4:30, CGI (shown on video)

A curious blob finds a box that fell from the sky.

Stefan Gronsky, 7343 Waldo Lane, El Cerrito, CA 94530, 510-528-8452,

A Christmas Trilogy (in four parts) - Nikhil Adnani, 8:30, Macromedia Flash (shown on video)

Despite his circumstances and obstacles, every year Rudolph returns to save Christmas in his own special way.

Nikhil Adnani,,

The Crab Boy - Aaron Thedford, 6:30, 16mm (shown on video)

A regular boy goes to a freak show and meets a boy who has claws for hands. Somewhat influenced by Art Clokey’s Davey & Goliath clay-animation TV show, The Crab Boy teaches a moral lesson about accepting those who are different.

Aaron Thedford, 2605 West Royal Lane #2609, Irving, TX 75063, 972-831-9595,

Extreme Man and Insane Boy - Webster Colcord, 6:00, 35mm (shown of video)

MCF ’99 included a 7-film mini-retrospective of Webster Colcord’s animation. We’re pleased to present the latest psychotronic masterpiece from the man who does skeletons the best. Extreme Man and Insane Boy is about a dogmatic vigilante wanna-be and his insane sidekick facing off against the villainous Screaming Skull.

Webster Colcord,, 1115 S. Claremont, San Mateo, CA 94402, 650-571-9580

High Tide - Lori Samsel, 3:45, 16mm (shown on video)

A lemming is stuck on a cliff as the rapidly rising tide drowns the earth and meets the sky.

Lori Samsel, 260 Gates #4B, Brooklyn, NY 11206,

Horse-Play - Lena Podesta, 2:00, 16mm

A little girl’s drawings come to life to misbehave and take over her space.

Lena Podesta, 4301 Avocado B, LA, CA 90027, 323-661-5730,

I Was a Strip Club Virgin - Rachel Max, 2:40, computer animation (shown on video)

Animator Rachel Max (Rocky IV, An Animation – MCF’99) tells the true story of her first journey into a strip club for a bachelorette party.

Rachel Max, 2457 39th Pl. NW, Washington, DC 20007, 202-338-9799,,

Karma - Kevin Walsh & Kevin Hoppe, 2:10, video

Two peaceful music makers attempt to play a sitar song at whatever the cost, to keep the surroundings quiet.

Kevin Walsh, 410-552-9193,

Luke Boggia Lord of the Animation Presents The Gospel According To Luke - Luke Boggia, 10:00, 16mm

Created as a filmic self portrait. Receive into your heart and mind the love that is Luke Boggia, Lord of the Animation. Feel the healing power of his love as it surrounds the planet earth and brings the weak to their feet with a combination of live action and animation so powerful that it can only be achieved through divine intervention.

Luke Boggia, 5408 B Sunshine Dr., Austin, TX 78756,

The Monkeyman Rules 1, 2 and 3 - James Dean Conklin, 3x1:00, video

Meet the Monkeyman. He has rules to live by. Here are three of them.

James Dean Conklin, 11 Pine View Rd., West Nyack, NY 10994, 646-279-3838

The Probing Orb - Mark D'Amico, 6:00, Super8 (shown on video)

A Cat & Dog team of investigative journalists examines the life of an ironically misdirected "Humanitarian".

Mark D’Amico, 281 Rombout Ave., Beacon, NY 12508, 845-838-9573,

Silhouette - Ya-Nan Chou, 4:00, 16mm

Embroidery/fabric animator, Ya-Nan Chou returns (Pinpoint – MCF’99, Split – Best Animated Film Award, MCF 2000). "Take a mental trip through fashion magazines and imagine yourself in endless Versace and Prada. How about designing your own style with a simple piece of fabric? Come indulge yourself in this animated Vogue magazine, take a look at the cover girl we found for this season. Dedicated to all fashion-maniacs!"

Ya-Nan Chou, 5923 White Oak Ave., Encino, CA 91316,

Snack - Ali Ashdown, 2:00, 8mm (shown on video)

One man discovers there is much more to his midnight snack than he ever thought possible as he embarks on an unsettling quest to conquer his snack.

Ali Ashdown, 17 Bauer St., Woodville 5011, South Australia, 0412-623-770,

Snip - Sarah Brown, 3:00, 16mm

A weaver's hands create a single cloth and each severed thread is the end of another story.

Sarah Brown, 15313 Iris Ln., Dumfries, VA 22026,, 703-680-4219

Tour Tips: Lesson #14 – Beware The Day Off In New Orleans - Danny Plotnick, 1:30, video

Ever wonder what it’s like to go on tour with your film, band, poetry or art? Well it’s not all glad-handling, schmoozing, free drink tickets and adoring audiences. Along the way there are some dark, dank and humiliating moments. The Tour Tips series will address some of these pitfalls to better prepare the travelling artiste for his or her journey down the wrong side of the road. Lesson #14 follows Loud Family drummer, Gil Ray, as he discovers the dark side of New Orleans’ culinary delights. New from Danny Plotnick (Steel Belted Romeos, I’m Not Fascinating: The Movie – MCF’97, I Socky, Swinger’s Serenade – Way Cool Randiest Film Award, MCF’99).

Danny Plotnick, PO Box 460472, SF, CA 94146, 415-452-9323,,

Welcome To Purgatory - Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly, 5:30, video

Imagine all the deceased rock legends alive and well, and all together in a junior high school sex ed class being taught by Sinatra.

Liebography Productions,,, 718-274-2581, 25-63 31st St., Astoria, NY 11102

Wonderman - James Dean Conklin, 2:10, video

Meet Wonderman, a Superman-esque hero, only he’s more concerned with trying to get his secret identity laid than with saving Metropolis.

James Dean Conklin, 11 Pine View Rd., West Nyack, NY 10994, 646-279-3838


midnight - "Midnight" shorts!!!

Oui We - Anthony Howard, 34:00, 16mm

A self-portrait of a man’s plight to establish himself as an artist and gain the approval and understanding of his audience, by any means necessary. Watch as our protagonist confronts his parents in a language they cannot understand. Watch him force his art onto an uncaring public. Funny, scary and sometimes just plain weird, Oui We is a performance / documentary / confrontational comedy with a focus on the relationship between the artist and the audience.

Anthony Howard, 917-213-8107,

Boiled Chicken – Laurie King, 7:00, Super8 (shown on video)

A blue-collar, fast-talker candidly and disgustingly describes his sexual conquest of a 200lb woman.

Laurie King, 938 16th Street #4, Santa Monica, CA 90403,

Jungle Monkey - Bradley Wind & Eric Prykowski, 30:00, video

Anyone familiar with the work of Bradley Wind & Eric Prykowski (Gubbi Gubbi – MCF’99) knows to expect the mind-blowingly unusual, and Jungle Monkey is just that. Bobo is distraught when he loses the love of his life, so he heads out to confront the real world in an adventure that’s equal parts Greek mythology and fever dream. There’s song & dance, with an all nude cast that includes the Deadgirl, the Skunkman, the Opera Singer, the Fisherman, T. Ruxpin, and Dr. Gip.



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