Saturday November 3



Mountain - Daniel Martinico, 31:00, video

A meditation-paced documentary about Leonard Knight, a super-obsessive 60 year old man who lives in the middle of the California desert, and has been painting and repainting the side of a hill with biblical slogans for the past 15 years. Fans of Visionary/Outsider art (a la Howard Finster) should enjoy this.

Daniel Martinico, UCSD Visual Arts Facility, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0084,

Ghost Hunters - Nathan Bramble, 21:00, video

A peek into the little known subculture of the Ghost Hunters, an eclectic group of people committed to capturing legitimate evidence that ghosts do exist. This documentary takes the viewer along on two actual paranormal investigations, as well as a visit to the annual Ghost Conference, a meeting of ghost hunters from all over the country conducted by the International Ghost Hunter’s Society in "the most haunted place in America", Gettysburg, PA.

Nathan Bramble,,,

Gramaglia - Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland, 19:00, video

A welcome return from the king of the personal revenge documentary, Huck Botko (Fruitcake, Baked Alaska, Cheesecake, Graham Cracker Cream Pie, Julie – MCF’99), along with New York Underground Film Festival co-founder Andrew Gurland. Huck and Andrew assist two girls who want to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend, but things get a little more complicated than that.

7 Dunham Place 4N, Brooklyn, NY 11211,




Lethal Force - Alvin Ecarma, 70:00, 16mm (shown on video)

The long-awaited debut feature from MCF alum/sometimes staffer, Alvin Ecarma (My Dog Has A Cyst and Me! –MCF’98). Cash Flagg Jr. stars in this action suspense comedy, that’s chock full o’ Kung Fu action, jokes, and special effects, enough to keep any psychotronic cinema lover happy. Jack is a gangster whose family is being held captive by Mal, a fallen crime lord who wants Jack to sell out his best friend Savitch, a ruthless killer who had left Mal for dead many years ago. With paternal love pitted against killer instinct, no criminal is left unpunished, or innocent left unscathed in a brutal, blood-soaked climax.

Divergent Thinking Productions, PO Box 60261, Potomac, MD 20859-0261, 301-299-9269, fax:877-288-4918,,



Beware of the Hot Dog People - Matthew Silver, 5:00, 16mm (shown on video)

Controlled by hot dogs, a helpless man is forced to dance in front of cows and fight off the evil forces that come out of garbage cans. We’re honored to welcome back the work of Matthew Silver, whose Mother & Son took home both the Low Budget Video Award and the Audience Choice Award for Best Short at MicroCineFest ’98, permanently etching itself onto our list of all-time favorite shorts.

Matthew Silver, 154 S. Demarest Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621, 201-385-1869,,

Domestic Wormholes: Nature's Silent Killer - Luis Esteban Caffesse & Clifford Dean Wildman, 4:08, video

They can strike at any moment. One minute you’re sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, watching the game with your best friend. The next minute nothing makes sense, and you suddenly, for no reason, prefer creamed corn to whole kernel corn. You, my friend, are a victim of a domestic wormhole – nature’s silent killer.

11809 A Argonne Forest Trail, Austin, TX 78759, 512-336-2687,

Gods Of Porcelain and Plumbing - Matthew Silver & Jackson Evans, 14:35, 16mm (shown on video)

Poking fun at hard sell religion by using an infomercial to sell the toilet as an object of worship, GOPAP demonstrates that the things we hold sacred can be easily cheapened and diminished.

Matthew Silver, 154 S. Demarest Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621, 201-385-1869,,

Guidelines For Public Speaking - Jim Jacob, 5:00, video

We always enjoy getting new works from Jim Jacob (Introduction To Film Noir – MCF’98, Basic Rules Of Restaurant Etiquette – MCF 2000). While we await his in-the-works next project, here’s a 1997 work that explains ways in which to speak well. Jim’s information-to-budget ratio is perhaps the most impressive of any documentary filmmaker ever.

Jim Jacob, 210 Park Ave., River Forest, IL 60305, 708-366-9748,

Illustrious Dan - Peter R. Wareing, 9:24, video

"Men make use of their illnesses, at least as they are made use of by them" - Aldous Huxley. A heavy-breathing bicyclist affixes found objects to himself.

Peter R. Wareing, 299 E8th #16, New York, NY 10009, 212-260-7802,

The Infernal Loop - Cooper Black, at least 1:00/maybe 3:00, 16mm (shown on video)

The lives of two men are caught in a perpetual loop.,

The Penis Graduation Song - Alex Roper, 5:00, CGI (shown on video)

Computer animation sinks to new highs in The Penis Graduation Song. A work that combines all the irritating charm of Max Headroom, all the technical wizardry of a Dire Straits video, and all the base humor of repeatedly pressing the "P" key on your Speak and Spell.

Alex Roper,,

Revolutions Per Minute - Alex Roper, 3:00, video

July 4th 2001: A record player is filled with 1,600 firecrackers and rigged to go off as it plays the Star Spangled Banner. One of two new ones in this year’s festival, from the creator of Anarchy Monkey (Low Budget Video Award - MCF 2000).

Alex Roper,,

A Short By Matt Sesow – Matt Sesow, 3:00, Super 8 (shown on video)

"A self-portrait… shameless voyeurism".

Matt Sesow, 1851 Columbia Rd. NW #603, Washington, DC 20009, 202-319-1459,,

Smashin' It Up - Michael Goodwin, 7:00, video

A bunch of guys smash things up with axes and baseball bats, set to musical narration. Until this video’s soundtrack gets an Oscar nomination, there is no justice in Hollywood!

Michael Goodwin, 5930 Kayron Dr., Atlanta, GA 30328,

The Thief Of Souls - Clancy Dennehy, 5:00, video

A puppet stalker horror short, starring clay finger puppets created by the filmmaker’s 10 year old nephew.

Clancy Dennehy, 1715 Woodland Dr., Vancouver, B.C. V5N 3N8,,

Three Legged - John Wood & John Harrison, 3:00, video

A mechanical tennis ball server makes prey of two men with their legs tied together. Fear and pain have never been so funny.

Video Data Bank, 112 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60603,,

Wavelength - Daniel Martinico, 0:15, tyco cam

Perhaps the shortest entry on the festival circuit these days. Daniel describes it as "sort of conceptual body-pop art or something, a reference to Michael Snow in fact".

Daniel Martinico, UCSD Visual Arts Facility, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0084,



10:00 - "FUN" Shorts

The Ballad Of Little Roger Mead - Mark Carter, 8:30, Super 16mm (shown on video)

12-year old Little Roger Mead stands up to his father and tests the limits of artistic expression at a small town talent show. This short has stunned audiences all over the world with its jaw-dropping climax, picking up awards along the way and building a small cult following in its wake.,

Cat Number Six Is A Coward - Jerome Gariepy, 7:00, 16mm

An educational, psychotronic, propaganda, horror, comedy on the subject of quantical physics experiments performed on living cats, with a lullaby.

Jerome Gariepy, gariepy-at-sympatico-dot-ca

The Creepees Vs. Robot No. 2 - Nick Adams, Jr., 3:00, Super8 (shown on video)

Last year we showed the trailer/work in progress for the long-awaited film, The Creepees Vs. Monster No. 2, about Japanese garage rock band, The Creepees, battling evil and trying to rescue Seiko, the smartest boy in the universe. This year we’re showing a music video by The Ritchie Whites from the film’s soundtrack. Perhaps next year we’ll show the entire film (if it’s finished by then). From the same camp responsible for The Collegians Are Go!! (Way Cool Super8 Film Award, MCF 99) and Mondo Ford (Low Budget Film Award, MCF 2000).

Slowkid/AD&D Productions, PO Box 16650, Austin, TX 78723,

Employee Orientation - Gregory McDonald, 3:40, 8mm (shown on video)

It’s the company party. It’s your chance to unwind, let your hair down, have a few drinks and let your co-workers know exactly how you feel about them. Employee Orientation was made using original 8mm film footage shot in 1967 at a Detroit Diesel company party by the filmmaker’s dad.

Lunch Money Movies, PO Box 1544, Burbank, CA 91507, 818-559-6376,,

Esta Noche We Ride! - Jay Edwards, 12:00, video

In this psychedelic monster-western, The Colonel and his sidekick, Doodoo Brown encounter space bats, a band of outlaw women, a fuzzy mountain monster and some bad peyote. The final chapter in Jay Edwards’ Monster Trilogy, which also includes Project: Tiki Puka Puka (Best Short Video Award – MCF ’99).

Jay Edwards, PO Box 89185, Atlanta, GA 30312, 404-808-4489,

In The Red - Lucy Weismann, 4:00, 16mm

A woman’s period may seem like a drag, but only to those uninitiated in the exciting and creative uses of menstrual blood. In The Red explores the flip side of "the curse."

Lucy Weismann, 38 W. 69th St. #4A, NY, NY 10023, 212-496-0882,

Karate Ruler - Anthony DiSalvo, 15:00, video

The year is 3168. The now peaceful planet Earth is suddenly threatened by the evil planet Olvidan. Karate Ruler to the rescue! Karate Ruler was produced as part of Sprout’s Make-A-Movie Program, a program that gives people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to perform in a video. The screenplay is based on a short story written by Jonathan Nova, a person with developmental disabilities who also stars in the title role.

Anthony DiSlavo c/o Sprout, 893 Amsterdam Ave., NY, NY 10025, 888-222-9575,,

Losing Your Cherry - Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly, 10:00, video

Losing Your Cherry is an educational film from the late 1950’s that helped guide young boys into the sometimes scary, sometimes thrilling world of adult sexuality, with the help of an animated fruit pie. This forgotten gem was discovered by film historians Jay Barba and Brian Farrelly who, when not researching the rich history of teenage sexuality, write and produce a TV/Internet show called Liebogrphy.

Liebography Productions,,, 718-274-2581, 25-63 31st St., Astoria, NY 11102

State Of The Union - Bryan Boyce, 2:00, video

Baby-sun Dubya addresses Tele-Tubbyland. A new one from Bryan Boyce (Election Collectibles, Special Report – Way Cool Detournement Award, MCF 2000).

Bryan Boyce, Dangerous Squid, 1731 15th St., San Francisco, CA 94103, 415-487-3511,,

The Terror Of The Invisible Man - Adam Roffman & Wayne Kimball, 1:20, 35mm (shown on video)

A vindictive and homicidal scientist discovers the serum for invisibility and sets out to take his revenge upon his peers who mocked him at the local community college. He soon discovers it takes more than madness to be a mad genius.

Adam Roffman, 14 Kenwood St. #2, Somerville, MA 02144, 617-776-2340,



midnight - CORNMAN


Cornman: American Vegetable Hero - Barak Epstein, 68:00, 16mm & Super8 (shown on video)

Regular guy Leland Maze spills toxic waste on himself in a cornfield, giving him the ability to communicate with corn. Thus is born the mighty Cornman: American Vegetable Hero. With his trusty sidekick, Butter Boy, and his girlfriend, Sheila #3, Cornman does battle with the evil Dr. Hoe, an arch villain bent on world corn domination. Filled with enough corn-stabbings and decapitations to keep any Troma fan satisfied, plus plenty of outrageous & silly humor to keep everyone else amused, this campy, live-action comic book delivers more action, laughs, and cheap special effects than any other corn superhero movie ever has before.

Barak Epstein, 4408 Landpiper, Dallas, TX 75287, 940-367-1189/972-733-1228,,


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