(The Rise and Fall of the Legendary) Anglobilly Feverson – Rosto, 10:00, 35mm (shown on video)

Méliès meets Kerouac in a surrealistic road movie through the clouds. Instead of a hole in the head, Diddybob gets a story about a hole in the sky. A legendary Anglobilly Feverson once flew off to leave his cursed life behind and check the other side. His journey was long and exhausting. He had to deal with the smallest and biggest residents of the sky before he reached his destination…

Assassin Nation - Nick Kunin, 2:00, 16mm (shown on video)

A case of mistaken identity leads to total reality failure.

24408 McBean Parkway Apt. #215, Valencia, CA 91355, 661-799-2526,
Desert Holiday Nightmare - Finn Deivert & Bert Deivert, 8:35, video

Katz and Diaz are trapped in a room with only a sofa and television. But where is the remote? A “postmodern satire with references to more popular culture than anyone has a right to recognize! It is not politically correct, but it is political.”

Bert Deivert, Laxgatan 27, 667 34 Forshaga, Sweden, +46-54-871815,,

Eskimo Scene & French Scene - Geoff Marslett, 4:00, computer animation

Two animated episodes from the upcoming TV series, “Trip To Roswell”. In the Eskimo Scene, young Frank N. Stine gets a chance to explore the B-side of arctic disaster history. Set to original music by Jeff Lewis. In the French Scene, Frank meets Simone de Beauvoire, Jean Paul Sartre and Serge Gainsbourg. New work from the filmmaker who brought us MONKEY VS. ROBOT (Best Animated Short, MCF ’99).

Swerve Pictures, 3410 A West Ave., Austin, TX 78705, 512-302-3967,,
Extreme Bible Stories: “Don’t dis Elisha!” – William Ross, 4:24, Flash

Bobby, Suzy, and their friends find that childish hijinks can have fatal consequences when they make the mistake of teasing the wrong bald-headed stranger. The insulted stranger, none other than the Old Testament Prophet Elisha, calls on the Lord God to teach the children a bloody lesson they will never forget.

10727 5th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, Washington 98177, 206-363-2614,,
Heavy – Kell McGregor, 5:10, cgi

A man gets trapped under a boulder.

1825 N. Ivar Ave., #310, LA, CA 90028, 323-957-0744,
Made With Beats, Love and Caffeine – Nikhil Adnani, 1:00, Flash

“Reality remixed, where people and animals git down, rock out and feel just fine.”

2266 Miramichi Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 0Y9 Canada, 613-225-9427,,
Migraine Boy: The Bet – Greg Fiering, 2:30, cgi

The Devil challenges Migraine Boy to a guitar-playing duel.

james dean conklin, 646-279-3838
Mouseacre - Luke Deikis, 9:00, 16mm (screened on video)

When a mouse honeymoon turns to tragedy, the distraught groom must seek revenge.

2528 Lurting Ave., Bronx, NY 10469, 718-938-8083,
Museum Of Dreams – Gregory Godhard, 8:00, 16mm

A young boy wakes up in a strange and magical house. Where is he, who has brought him here and for what purpose? A new one from the filmmaker who brought us MIND’S EYE (Best Experimental Film - MCF ’99).

PO Box 665 Newtown, Sydney, N.S.W. Australia 2042, 61-2-9569 1926,
Pavlov’s Bell – Evan Mather, 4:27, cgi

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a pop-up book? This turbulent little music video about faith, paranoia and fear of air travel is guaranteed to induce motion sickness. A song from Aimee Mann’s 2002 album, Lost In Space. One of two new ones from a filmmaker that has shown many works at MCF over the years, too numerous to mention.,
Perky Turkey - Nikhil Adnani, 1:00, Flash

A Thanksgiving Day remix with Angus MacLeod and his turkey.

2266 Miramichi street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 0Y9 Canada,,
Roof Sex – PES, 1:00, 16mm (shown on video)

Two chairs share an amorous afternoon on the roof of an apartment building.
Spongey Ribs – james dean conklin, 1:40, cgi

Familiar animated characters reenact a scene from “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”.

james deans conklin, 646-279-3838
The Unicorn – Alexander Whitsett Pile, 8:00, video

“With a hanging story and excessively graphic content, this clay animation satirically purifies and invigorates all the elements of a modern day Hollywood blockbuster. The result is both disturbing and hilarious.” Warning: if you are in any way offended by clay-animated, in-your-face sex and violence, please close your eyes during this film.

Mook Farm, HC88 Box 241, Hudson, KY 40145, 270-257-2575,,
The Velvet Tigress – Jen Sachs, 11:00, 16mm

An award-winning animated docudrama about the 1931 Winnie Ruth Judd “Trunk Murders” as it was presented by the sensational press of the time.
Zen and the Art of Floor Maintenance – Nikhil Adnani, 1:00, Flash

“The Zen of hygiene goes with aerodynamic flow.”

2266 Miramichi Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 0Y9 Canada,,

Government Approved! The Films of Warren G. Spaulding – Travesty Films, 67:00, video

Rescued from the dusty shelves of the National Archives in College Park, MD, GOVERNMENT APPROVED! is a jaw-droppingly inane collection of authentic, taxpayer-funded informational films, works unseen since your days in high school or junior high (depending on how old you are) – and probably not even then. See a musical celebrating paperwork! See a puppet show about Social Security! See cartoons about violating your Constitutional rights! Meet “Your Enemy, the Grasshopper”. Sing along to songs about paying taxes. Authentic informational films containing very little information, hosted by noted authority Fenton W. Abernathy, Jr., who is as uninformative as the films he tries to explain. A welcome return, after nearly two decades, from Travesty Films, the semi-renowned humor collective that brought the world such film classics as INTESTINES FROM SPACE, ALCOHOLICS UNANIMOUS, INSURANCE SALESMEN FROM SATURN, and the comedy album TEEN COMEDY PARTY (featuring the classic Dr. Demento mainstay ROCK & ROLL DOCTOR).

Dave Nuttycombe, Travesty Films, PO Box 2810, Merrifield, VA 22116,,
I Am Not Sleepy (No Tengo Sueño) – Jossie Malis, 13:00, Pro8mm (shown on video)

A man is trying to figure out how to get out from his monotony, only to figure out how to get out from his monotony.,


Kill Them & Eat Them - Conall Pendergast, 81:00, video

Creeping skeletoids from the abyss of madness are brought suddenly, horribly to life by the crazed experiments of the sinister Doctor Gore! Deep below the city streets, he turns soft flesh into hideous mutant skin as the kill-crazed creatures he creates prepare for a gore-mad rampage! Kellin, his beautiful prisoner, is gradually succumbing to a disease that will transform her from young girl into monstrous murdering beast, while the Doctor’s assistant has plans of his own. A feature from the filmmaker who won the Low Budget Film Award for SATAN’S PSYCHO GHOUL at MCF 2002.

37-1660 Bathurst St., Toronto, ON Canada M5P 3K1, 416-787-3098,

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