3PM - Shorts For Kids... Weird Ones (free admission)

Each year we receive phone calls and emails from people saying they want to bring their kids to MicroCineFest and wondering which programs would be appropriate for children. The answer, sadly, is usually none. This year we noticed a good number of entries that were interesting, although somewhat tamer than what we usually program. We figured that these were shorts that kids - future filmmakers - might get something out of, and their parents might enjoy them too. So here's a 50-minute collection of shorts that do not contain foul language, sexual situations or nudity. They do, however, contain some segments of cartoon-violence (but so did the Saturday morning cartoons we were raised on, and look how we turned out). So if you come and bring your kids, and they end up emotionally scarred for life by what they see, at least it was free admission.

Budy The Carrot: "Rear Carrot" - Eric Dyer, 2:00, video

Budy is a mischievous carrot who sneaks into old movie scenes.

Eric Dyer, 601 W. 38th St., Baltimore, MD 21211,

Dead Kitty - Rachel Max, 3:30, CGI

Rachel sings us her tale of how her cat went to the groomer, but came home in a box. The latest from the creator of ROCKY IV (MCF '99) and I WAS A STRIP CLUB VIRGIN (MCF 2001).

Rachel Max, 202-338-9799,,,

Dino-Skeleton Monkey Chase - Keenan Williams, 1:47, CGI

A dinosaur-skeleton chases a frolicking orangutan.

Field Guide To Snapping - Nikhil Adnani, 2:53, CGI

When a young girl breaks out her turntable in the woods, all the animals have got to get down! A new one from the maker of A CHIRSTMAS TRILOGY (MCF 2001).

Nikhil Adnani, 53 Spencer Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Y 4W8, 613-792-1481,,

Her - Oliver Low, 4:20, Super8 (shown on video)

A story about an old artist's instant transformation through love into an extremely earth-conscious person, shot on Super8 and incorporating scratch animation.

Oliver Low, 1480 Palmerston Ave., West Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V7T 2H7, 604-926-5265,

Il Spaghetti Occidentali (Spaghetti Western) - Jeff "JEFFU" Warmouth, 4:00, video

Live-action parody of 60's Italian Westerns featuring an all-vegetable cast. Dubbed in "Vegitalian" and English.

Jeff Warmouth, 14 Victor St., Fitchburg, MA 01420, 978-353-7705,,

Moo - Tony D. Riel, 3:13, video

A group of teenagers get more than they bargained for when they go cow-tipping at the wrong farm.

Tony D. Riel, 14400 Westminster Lane, Apt. 33, Dale City, VA 22193,

Rex & Red - Chad Meserve, 2:00, video

The struggle for survival in the after-work world of plastic robot dinosaurs.

Ludicrous Productions ,,

Riel Fizz 2 - Tony D. Riel, 2:08, video

What extremes of acts will people do to have a bottle of RIEL FIZZ soda? A boy has no money but really wants a bottle of RIEL FIZZ soda, so he pulls a prank on an innocent man.

Tony D. Riel, 14400 Westminster Lane, Apt. 33, Dale City, VA 22193,


Plus these shorts from other programs:

Call of The Wild - Julia Sarcone-Roach, 8:00, 35mm (shown on video) - from ANIMATED SHORTS
Major Damage - Chris Bailey & Kellie-Bea Cooper, 2:58, 35mm (shown on video) - from ANIMATED SHORTS
Visit Sherman's Planet! - Mike Fisher, 5:00, CGI video - from ANIMATED SHORTS
Kinetic Sandwich - Eric Dyer, 2:45, video - from EXPERIMISCELLANEOUS SHORTS
Birdbeat (fugue) - Geoff Adams, 4:08, video - from MUSIC VIDEOS


Fourwarned: A Barbershop Odyssey - Tom Shillue and Ross Babbit, 28:00, video

The barbershop quartet, Fourwarned, is pumped up for their first competition, but they are in for more than they bargained for. Jealousy, back-stabbing, and unchecked ambition mix with "the old songs" to weave a tale of betrayal in four part harmony.

Tom Shillue, 401 W. 56th Street Apt. 1-L, New York, NY 10019, 212-956-5122,

Rock-N-Roll - Tim Martin, 62:00, video

Tommy Lane dreams of becoming a rock-and-roll superstar, but he can't shake his family's duckpin bowling legacy. His friends and uncle want him back on the team, but the former bowling prodigy only wants to be the next David Bowie. A karaoke competition just might hold his ticket to fame, as well as a prized record contract. But will Tommy's musical odyssey send him rocketing toward stardom... or leave him behind in the gutter? With an eyebrow-less main character, and comic-relief stereotypes as supporting characters, ROCK-N-ROLL plays like a fun TV-movie-of-the-week drama, bordering on being a self-parodying comedy. It's kitshy glam-rock fun! Plus it's the only film we've ever seen that was shot mostly in the MicroCineFest staff's favorite bowling alley, Seidel's.

Tim Martin, 443-250-1687, 301-253-5415,


Angels - Usama Alshaibi, 4:30, video

A music video from Bobby Conn's "Golden Age" album. "Richard had a party so many years ago. We was only 17 and the scene was a fantasy we'd stolen from an English queen." A new piece from the maker of DANCE HABIBI DANCE (MCF 2000).

Usama Alshaibi, 333 W. North Ave. #123, Chicago, IL 60610,

Birdbeat (fugue) - Geoff Adams, 4:08, video

The ritual hierarchy at a backyard bird feeder accompanied by a saxophone ensemble. A new one from the maker of NOISE IN MY BACKYARD (MCF 2001),

Don't Trust Whitey - Nate Pommer, 3:30, video

The filmmaker who gave us P-13 and DEVIL IN MY TUBESOCKS, ANGEL IN MY UNDERWEAR (MCF-2000) brings us a new music video for a song by the musician who gave us Monkey Vs. Robot (James Kochalka Superstar).

Nate Pommer, 154 Court Square Apt. 2, Brooklyn, NY 11201,

God Is Dad - XXXXXXXXXXX, 2:00, 16mm (shown on video)

A couple carry on a troubled and surreal relationship to the music of Arab On Radar.


Nightmare! - Patrick Martz & Frank Siaca, 3:40, video

Using the song "Nightmare" by 60s girl group, The Whyte Boots, Martz & Siaca visually recreate the story of an unfortunate 'accident' in which a girl gang leader is charged with the murder of her rival. An earlier work from the makers of MOMMA'S GIRLS (MCF 2001).

Patrick Martz & Frank Siaca, 325 S. Pacific Ave., 1st Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, 412-441-5017,

Popsicle - Dan Brown & Mike Mitchell, 3:03, video

The Starlight Mints are portrayed as puppets in this music video co-made by Mike Mitchell (HERD - MCF '99, DUECE BIGELOW: MALE GIGOLO).

Dan Brown 512-751-0669, 828 West 6th St., Austin, TX 78703,

Red Vines - Evan Mather, 3:44, video

Hand drawn and computer generated imagery is coupled with a standout track from Aimee Mann's "Bachelor No. 2" album, to tell a simple story of love on the sidelines. A new one from Evan Mather (QUENTIN TARANTINO'S STAR WARS and GODZILLA VS. DISCO LANDO -MCF '98, BOOGER, FANSOM THE LIZARD, LES PANTLESS MENACE and VERT REMIXED - MCF 2000, AIRPLANE GLUE - MCF 2001, ICARUS OF PITTSBURGH - MCF 2002).

Evan Mather, 350 East California Blvd., #301, Pasadena, CA 91106,,

Springtime For Eva - Russ Forster, 4:15, video

Film footage captured in Germany after World War II shows Eva Braun on a perpetual sunny holiday. The soundtrack music, "The Fairest of All Seasons" from fellow teutonic personality Nico's "Chelsea Girls" album, counterpoints the joy and the sorrow behind the images of Adolf Hitler's tragic companion. From Russ Forster (LA VIE EN ROSE, I DON'T MIND and TRIBUTARY trailer - MCF 2000, not to mention SO WRONG THEY'RE RIGHT).

Russ Forster,

Toothbrush - David Sutton, 3:00, video

Pete Miser raps about the lady that left, and what she left behind.

David Sutton & Pete Miser,,

Wrath Of Achilles - Charles Bowe and Heidi Freier, 5:00, Super8 (shown on video)

With the song "In A Cold House" by Husker Du's Grant Hart, as a musical backdrop, a messenger remembers his expulsion from a paramilitary training camp for possessing a copy of Homer's Iliad. While delivering an important message, he happens upon his nemesis, the man who expelled him, enjoying a male go-go show.

Angular Features, attn: Heidi Freier, 524 N. Pearl St., River Falls, WI 54022, 612-810-7507,


Plus these music videos from other shorts programs:

My Girlfriend's Dead - Luke S. Goljan, Esq., 2:41, CGI video - from ANIMATED SHORTS
Blood Drinkers - XXXXXXXXXXX, 2:15, 16mm (shown on video) - from PSYCHOTRONIC SHORTS

Manchild Unmasked - Ted Jackson, 58:00, video

MANCHILD UNMASKED is a documentary following the tenuous career of performance artist Justin Callaway and his subversive concept band, "The Manchild Four." Wearing a giant prosthetic baby's head and stinking of rotting fish, Callaway and his alter-ego Frederick Manchild conspire to topple societal norms with an army of teenagers and catchy indie rock ballads. The result is disillusionment, true love and bologna glued to public telephones.

Angela Foster, 917-609-7499,,

8PM - Closing Night Feature: JETBLAST

Jetblast - Tom Legros, 95:00, video

A sci-fi comedy like you've never seen before! Welcome to the future, where the United States now consists of only the East Coast states north of New Jersey. The rest of the country has been divided into several new countries: Second Republic Of Texas, Gulf Coast Casino States, Disney's Colorado, Oregon International Landfill, and so on. Enter legendary pilot, The Captain. She just spent several years in prison after accidentally dropping a nuclear bomb on the Alamo-Dome during the Super Bowl. She killed 250,000 people, but they were all Texans and let's face it - they're always making more of those. Out of prison and anxious to return to the skies, The Captain meets up with her old friend Doc, who now runs the rickety airline, Iowa Air. Because of The Captain's reputation, Doc isn't sure he wants her flying his planes. In the meantime, The Captain's old boyfriend is now a bastard CEO of Alamo Airlines, a major competitor to all other airlines in the sky. They have armed 747 jets, and resort to dog-fighting in order to stay on top. So it seems Doc could use a good pilot like The Captain to help defend his airline against the competition. JETBLAST is a visually stunning look at a futuristic society, with plenty of desktop special effects that must be seen to be believed.

Tom Legros, 16126 Commelina, Leander, TX 78641, 512-336-9497,


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