MicroCineFest 1998


Bury The Evidence - J. Greg DeFelice 102 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

A man is locked in an apartment with 5 simple household chores to complete. This deceptively easy assignment takes on great significance as a series of surreal obstacles impede his success. Starring Andrew Elvis Miller of Blue Man Group, with Karen Black (Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces), Melissa Errico (Central Park West), Welker White (Goodfellas, Chasing Amy), Anthony Barrile (Kiss Me Guido, Hamburger Hill), Patricia Scanlon (Amateur, Flirt), Damian Young (Simple Men, Flirt, the bus driver on Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete & Pete), Dennis Parlato (Johnny Suede), Skip Sudduth (Clockers, Eraser), John Wojda (Manhattan By Numbers), Marlene Forte (Lena's Dream, Fresh Kill), Cameron Dye (Valley Girl, Out Of The Dark) and Gary Perez (NYPD Blue, Crooklyn).

140 W. 55th St. #6-B, NYC, NY 10019 (p/f)212-315-3251 jdefel@aol.com www.bway.net/burytheevidence


Cannibal: The Musical - Trey Parker 86 minutes, shown on video

Before SOUTH PARK, before BASEKETBALL, before ORGAZMO, before TIME WARPED... the Trey Parker / Matt Stone team made a low budget feature film called CANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL. Expect something like OKLAHOMA meets FRIDAY THE 13TH in this musical about the true life story of Alfred Packer, the only person convicted of cannibalism in America. Searching for gold and love in the Colorado Territory, he and his companions lost their way and resorted to unthinkable horrors and toe-tapping songs. The tunes are catchy... the humor is corny... the gore is, uh, gorey. There's action, adventure, romance, horror... what more do you need?

c/o Jason McHugh/New Cannibal Society, 7009 Trollyway, Playa Del Rey, CA 90923

Dog Years - Robert Loomis 75 minutes, 16mm

DOG YEARS is the tale of a nice, young, working-class kind of guy named Wally and the extremes he is forced to go to in order to safely recover his best friend; a dog named Neechee. When gangsters mistakenly believe Wally has stolen from them, they kidnap Neechee. Wally is eventually compelled to use excessive force in order to convince them of his and his dog's innocence. Here's what Variety said about it: "Call it a postmodernist punk farce and you won't be far off the mark. 'Dog Years' is a fitfully amusing micro-budget indie about a boy and his dog - or, to be more specific, a skinhead and his Dalmatian - that vaguely recalls the early efforts of Jim Jarmusch and Hal Hartley. Despite flashes of comically overstated violence during shootouts, pic maintains a genially loopy tone, and could find a receptive audience in urban markets and college towns".

cloAgit Jack Film, 2034 E. 2nd St., Tucson, AZ 85719

Green (aka Whatever) - Karl T. Hirsch 88 minutes, 16mm

Does Eric have the ways of the world figured out? Has Joanna just had bad luck with men? Did Ralph act honestly in the romance he left behind? Does Dave suck? And, more importantly, is it possible to find the answers to such questions while aimlessly driving around the endless suburban streets of Phoenix, high on homemade hallucinogens? A chronicle of one seemingly uneventful night, GREEN (aka WHATEVER) travels into the minds of these unexpectedly diverse young adults, each character (after popping a pill) "coming to terms" with aspects of their personalities and shortcomings they would otherwise be unwilling to explore openly. Ultimately, they learn how ridiculous and shallow they are, absorbed in each of their individual situations while failing to see the larger world in which they live. Adding to this film's appeal is its combined use of black and white film, color, live action and animation. One of the most realistic films made so far in the generation-X slacker-angst film genre. If it's your generation, you're bound to find something familiar in this film.

843 N. Orange Drive #1, Los Angeles, CA 90038 (p/f)213-465-1243 aglet123@aol.com members.aol.com/agletprods/index.htm

Reynard The Fox - Todd E. Freeman 70 minutes, 16mm

In the dankest projection room of hell, a young man watches the tattered documentary of his life unreel for eternity... tortured by the memories of abuse, madness, and ultimately obscene murder. An inventive and innovative experimental narrative feature.

1839 C E Kirkland, Tempe, AZ 85281 602-968-5550 fax:602-557-7011 Redbraille@aol.com

Rock & Roll Frankenstein - Brian O'Hara 88 minutes, Super 16mm (shown on video)

A satirical foray into the horror genre. Bernie Stein, a music agent whose career is on the decline, needs a new star to invigorate his fading fortunes. He decides to finance the experiments of his nebbish nephew, Frankie Stein. Frankie has developed a rejuvenation process which restores and re-animates lifeless body parts. Sensing the potential in this process, Bernie enlists Frankie to rejuvenate body parts of famous dead rockers such as Jimi Hendrix and Elvis - thereby creating the ultimate superstar. The plan proceeds smoothly until a mix-up leaves the ultimate rocker with the head of Elvis but the love organ of Liberace, developing a dualistic relationship between the monster and his penis!

2 King Street #5C, NY, NY 10012 212-691-4576 fax:212-645-5527 rrfrankie@aol.com http://members.aol.com/rrfrankie/home.html


showing with:
That's Offensive! Uncensored Scenes From The Bad Old Days - Godfrey Daniels 27 minutes, video

Don't ignore the warning at the beginning of this tape; those who consider themselves cultured should turn back now. "Banned by Blockbuster, THAT'S OFFENSIVE! aims to be America's most politically incorrect shock video. The tape features over 50 actual newsreel clips guaranteed to offend the gravitationally challenged, the vertically challenged, the mentally challenged, senior citizens, babes, babies, animal lovers, music lovers, straight Nazi's, gay Nazi's, and certain other minorities that shall remain nameless. This fast paced, chaotic program contains hilarious and sophomoric sound effects, a completely tasteless and moronic script, combined with outrageously offensive visuals". If you're the type who tries to be a spectator at car accidents, or laughs at Morning Zoo programs on rock radio stations - this'll be right up your alley.

PO Box 182, Severna Park, MD 21146 410-544-0936 fax:410-544-2264 thatsoffensive@erols.com www.thatsoffensive.com


Surrender Dorothy - Kevin DiNovis 90 minutes, 16mm

Trevor suffers from a paralyzing fear of females, condemning him to a bitter life of literal and emotional celibacy despite his strong desires. Enter Trevor's friend, Lanh, a heroin addict seeking refuge in Trevor's loft. Completely dependent on Trevor for drugs and safety, Lanh becomes Trevor's virtual slave; and Trevor discovers that he can use his new-found power to manipulate, coerce, and terrorize the weaker man into becoming "Dorothy" - Trevor's twisted concept of the "ideal woman". Described as Apartment Zero meets Blue Velvet in what Film Threat Weekly says is, "the most disturbing film of the 1990s ...low budget doesn't get any better than this", Surrender Dorothy won Best Dramatic Feature at the Slamdance Film Festival, Best Feature Film at the New York Underground Film Festival, and a special jury award at the Atlanta Film Festival.

3626 Keystone Ave. #2, Los Angeles, CA 90034 310-202-6890 lantz@ucla.edu www.tlavideo.com/dorothy.htm

Ted - Gary Ellenberg 85 minutes, 16mm

TED is an outrageous comedy "mockumentary" about the Unabomber and his friends. How and why a genius with no social skills can seek revenge on society by sending mail bombs is probed as the film spans four decades and numerous changes in America's social landscape. Ted is a black comedy about a human being that failed as a son, a brother, a lover and a teacher, who throughout, struggles to complete a manifesto replete with diatribes about how the modern world dilutes human experience and interaction through the automation and mechanization of technology. TED won an Excellence In Filmmaking award at the American Independent Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas, and the Chicago Alternative Film Festival gave a Best Actress Award to Edie McClurg (Natural Born Killers, Ferris Bueller's Day Off) for her portrayal of Ted's mother. The film also features Richard Fancy (Nixon, Seinfeld), Megan Cavanaugh (That Darn Cat, A League Of Their Own, Robin Hood: Men In Tights), Paul Provenza (Strictly Business, Northern Exposure), Jeff Corey (Cincinnati Kid, Little Big Man, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid), and Andy Dick (News Radio, Ben Stiller Show).

935 Harding Ave., Venice, CA 90291 310-306-6261 fax:213-466-5121 iyhouse@earthlink.net www.chronicmedia.com

The STAR WARS Screening For those of you that can't wait for the new Star Wars movie to come out, here's a collection of Star Wars related films to keep you occupied in the meantime.

Troops -Kevin Rubio

The already classic STAR WARS / COPS parody in which you're the eyewitness as Imperial Stormtroopers attempt to arrest some Jawas for possession of stolen droids and then answer a domestic disturbance call at the Skywalker farm.

Tatooine Or Bust - Jason Wishnow 13 minutes, video

A lighthearted ethnographic look at hardcore filmgoers camping overnight for the re-release of "Star Wars." Shot simultaneously at five theaters around the country.

230 E. 30th St. #3A, New York, NY 10016 917-727-3708 jason@wishnow.com www.wishnow.com

Quentin Tarantino's Star Wars - Evan Mather 3.5 minutes, video

Have you ever wondered what STAR WARS might have been like had it been made by Quentin Tarantino? Hasn't everybody? Evan Mather did something about. He took his old chewed up action figures, hooked his camcorder up to his Macintosh, and went to town.

chalky@jedinet.com www.jedinet.com/cinema/

The ODD Star Wars COUPLE - Pewter Joe Flynn 2 minutes, video

Can the Dark Lord and a Wookie share an apartment without driving each other crazy? Darth Vader and Chewbacca take the place of Felix and Oscar in this sitcom spoof by the filmmaking troop, Pewter Joe Flynn.

c/o Oscar Trolyn 21727 Lassen St. #7, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-718-2209

Hardware Wars: Special Edition- Ernie Fosselius & Michael Wiese 20 minutes, shown on video

The year was 1977 and critics were raving about the hilarious parody of STAR WARS. This little spoof became the highest grossing short film of all time! Today, the Farce is back - and just like its big screen cousin, it too has been "redigitized, remastered and re-released" - with over 20 new 'special defects' and scenes. This "space saga of romance, rebellion and household appliances" features steam-iron spaceships, flying toasters and STAR WARS look-alike characters; Fluke Starbucker, Ham Salad, Auggie "Ben" Doggie, Princess Anne-Droid, 4-Q-2, Artie Deco, and Darph Nader. May the farce be with you.

Michael Wiese Productions, 11288 Ventura Blvd., Suite 821, Studio City, CA 91604 818-379-8799 http://websites.earthlink.net/~mwp

Godzilla Verses Disco Lando - Evan Mather 5.5 minutes, video

Three months in the making, the dreaded sophomore follow-up to QUENTIN TARANTINO'S STAR WARS is set in Evan Mather's favorite locale of the STAR WARS universe, as our hero Lando battles Tokyo's biggest lizard. This video uses new and vintage action figures, hand puppets, and Legos, and it's all put together on a Macintosh.

chalky@jedinet.com www.jedinet.com/cinema/

aka The Conversation - Bill Hardy 8.5 minutes, video

A filmmaker relives the day he tried to edit together a conversation between Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Comedy ensues.

1216 Halstead Rd., Baltimore, MD 21234 410-296-2741


A Corky Quakenbush Retrospective 90 minutes, shown on video

A collection of Corky's mind-blowing-ly funny animation parodies from Mad TV ('Clops', 'Furious George', Rudolph meets Scorcese, Stone & Coppola,...) with some of his live-action shorts included as well ('Respect Your Elders', 'Pets Are People Too', 'The World, Like, For Real').

2481 Patricia Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064 (p/f)310-558-0762 16mm (shown on video)

Blackchair Productions presents a special edition of Independent Exposure The premiere microcinema distributor puts together a special program of shorts specifically for MicroCineFest '98. Shorts include...

Puppet Show - Jeffrey Aguirre, 18 minutes

A "documentary" that paints an affectionately satiric portrait of a troupe of young Seattle artists called "Teatro Il Puppetto", which is attempting to carry the torch of avant-garde theater into the 21st Century.

The Cock Fight - Lisa DiLillo, 3 minutes

A mesmerizing experimental piece that calls into question the seductive powers of spectacles that glorify excessive displays of masculinity and bravado.

The Lizard Whomper - Tennessee Reid Norton, 2.5 minutes

Put's "Bambi Meets Godzilla" to shame. Perhaps the goriest clay-animation you're likely to see.

Backtracking - Michael Krefeld, 9 minutes

An interesting film from Denmark about a young writer who sets himself to write a novel about a lost love-affair, but the job is too overwhelming.

Barbie & Ken Go Parking - Alicia Bissinger, 3 minutes

The title almost gives away everything.

The Homosexual Adventures Of Steve Austin & The Atomic Man- Double Suck, 4.5 minutes

Again, the title almost gives away everything. Those masculine dolls from most boys childhoods had a secret life that parents never knew about.

Nun Story - Charles LoVerme, 1 minute

A very short, colorful piece of experimental film.

Honey Pot - Todd Lincoln

Imagine if Larry Flynt produced a segment for Sesame Street. Who knew there was so much involved in making honey?

Rubber Gloves - Tom E. Brown, 6.5 minutes

"Nothing you need to know about AIDS". Beat poetry and slow visuals make for an interesting film.

We Hate You Little Boy - Janene Higgins, 4 minutes

A vague, nameless fear. An experimental piece that'll move you.

New Testament - Phillip Pelletier, 6 minutes www.swankytown.com

Product endorsements reach a new low as wine coolers Profit.

Balls Out - Tara Spartz, 7 minutes

A group of cool chicks play a pinball tournament to make some money.

The Mis-Adventures Of Spittle & Fudd: If I Had A Hammer - Tennessee Reid Norton, 3 minutes

Spittle is interrupted from playing with his mucus-doll when he has to teach Fudd how to use a hammer.

Low Budget Video shorts program:

The Big Ring - Mike Branum 4 minutes, video

A girl finds a big ring in an alleyway behind her apartment. Little does she know it belongs to a bunch of real mean people. They see her with it, follow her to her apartment, and all hell breaks loose. A low budget ($23) masterpiece.

1050 Elkgrove Ave. #2, Venice, CA 90291 (p/f)310-452-3112 hooptyman@aol.com http://members.aol.com/hooptyman/hoopty.html

Front Room - Pierre Yves Clouin 1.5 minutes, video

"The tit near my lips is a bubble of spittle that vanishes with a lick. The breast becomes a buttock, slim and alluring. I serve myself a piece of ass". This is the sort of video that makes fools out of censor boards.

19 allee Marc Chagall, F-75013 Paris, France +33(0)1-45-85-20-77 fax:+33(0)1-45-86-05-24 cxp@compuserve.com

Fruitcake - Huck Botko 9 minutes, video

Huck gave his dad a fruitcake for Christmas. Huck doesn't like his dad very much.

7 Dunham Place #4N, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (p/f)718-218-6688 huck@panix.com

Jimmy Jang Jang - Monroe Bardot 2 minutes, video

Old hillbilly coot performs his latest dance craze, The Dorsal Fink, and sings too.

c/oVideo Bardot, PO Box 5940, Baltimore, MD 21208 410-484-7021 uglyworld@erols.com

Gigantica And The Planet Of The She-Monsters - Mike Branum, 8 minutes, video

Two astronuts crash-land on a deserted planet. While searching for food and a way home, they come across beautiful aliens. The dream soon turns into a nightmare... Costing a whopping $43 to make, and starring Victoria Haas as Gigantica (who can be seen on TV as the Midol spokesperson), this is another low-budget masterpiece from Hoopty Studios.

1050 Elkgrove Ave. #2, Venice, CA 90291 (p/f)310-452-3112 hooptyman@aol.com http://members.aol.com/hooptyman/hoopty.html


Me! - Alvin Ecarma 5 minutes, video

The tragic tale of a TV, a VCR, and a boy who must express himself the only way he knows how. Have you ever seen anyone lip-sync the coming attraction to a 70's blaxploitation flick?

c/oDivergent Thinking Productions, PO Box 60261, Potomac, MD 20859-0261 301-299-9269 cachfl@erols.com

Mother And Son - Matthew Silver 15 minutes, video

It's funny. It's sad. It's creepy. It's the relationship between an elderly woman and her 48-year-old son, who share an apartment and obsessions with senseless arguments, traditional guilt, and personal grievances. Starring the director's own Grandma and Uncle, who Matthew tells us, "argued a lot while video taping the movie."

154 S. Demarest Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621 201-385-1869 clamds@juno.com

My Dog Has A Cyst - Alvin Ecarma 2 minutes, video

What happens when an eccentric business man staffs his newly acquired olive farm with a gang of psychotic monkeys? Good question. Don't expect this video to answer it for you.

c/oDivergent Thinking Productions, PO Box 60261, Potomac, MD 20859-0261 301-299-9269 cachfl@erols.com

The PARbros In... - The PARbros 10 minutes, video

The PARbros star in five short works; The West, The Garden, Curry Paste, Wide Screen, and Bath. Ernie Kovacs meets the Kipper Kids.

Akkerstraaat 14, 7545 GX, Enscmede, Holland parbros@parbros.demon.nl www.parbros.demon.nl

Toon Therapy - Oscar Trolyn 9 minutes, video

Sit in on a group therapy session at the Mary Worth Rehab Clinic for Addicted Cartoons. Oscar tells us that Popeye the Sailor fell off the wagon during production.

21727 Lassen St. #7, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818-718-2209

Freakin' Funny

Dyke Rat - Tony Nittoli 8 minutes, shown on video

The sad tale of a British lesbian, who just happens to be small, furry and have a tail and 4 legs, breaking up with her girlfriend. One is animated - the other is not.

10901 Blix #5, North Hollywood, CA 91602 818-763-3061 www.manga.com/chaos

Fast Food - Jonathan Fahn 11 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

What if mobsters from Scorcese's films took over a fast food joint?

2045 Prosser Ave. LA, CA 90025 213-340-3707 fax:213-461-6317 JonFahn@ucla.edu

Junky - Tony Nittoli 5 minutes, shown on video

Sick, Sick, Sick! "All you gotta do to get a cracker is say 'Polly wanna cracker' and 'pretty bird'. Is that so hard?". Watch out, pushers can't be trusted, especially when you're a poor defenseless animated parrot.

10901 Blix #5, North Hollywood, CA 91602 818-763-3061 www.manga.com/chaos

My Brother Cicero - Tony Nittoli 25 minutes, shown on video

The harsh tale of an abusive relationship between a man and his cat - who steals his women & drugs, kills his mobster boss, and altogether terrorizes him.

10901 Blix #5, North Hollywood, CA 91602 818-763-3061 www.manga.com/chaos

Puberty: Benji's Special Time - Luke Fannin 16.5 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

This film deals with the hard truths and various misconceptions of male puberty a la 1950's, black and white, government, educational film-style. Erections, Masturbation, Nocturnal Emissions, ...oh my!

502 N. Meadow St. Apt. 2, Richmond, VA 23220 804-355-1249 fax:804-783-0820 lfannin@erols.com

Pump With A Chump - Modi 3 minutes, video

No Pain, No Gain... from the looks of it, Manny Chevrolet has a lot to gain from letting Henry Rollins be his workout coach.

2306 Avon St., LA, CA 90026 213-850-6607 fax:213-969-9451

Rosa Mi Amor - Modi 3 minutes, video

Your heart will go out to poor Manny Chevrolet as he mourns for his lost beloved Rose.

2306 Avon St., LA, CA 90026 213-850-6607 fax:213-969-9451

Shut Up - Modi 5 minutes, video

Manny Chevrolet tries to explain sports to his wife while watching the big game.

2306 Avon St., LA, CA 90026 213-850-6607 fax:213-969-9451

The Sound Of One Hand Clapping - Glasgow Phillips 8 minutes, shown on video

Words simply can't describe this film well enough. Let's just say there's ninjas, and a good guy with an extraordinary weapon.

7009 Trollyway, Playa Del Rey, CA 90923

Shorts Program A:

Cloven Hoofed - Dietmar Post 12 minutes, 16mm

A harsh theatrical monologue by a desperate man. Ray is a crack addict who has not scored in a long time. Withdrawal symptoms cloud his paranoid mind. He sharpens his knife to take it out on his girlfriend who fled with his pipe and his crack.

78 South 6th St. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (p/f)718-486-7261 dietmarpost@compuserve.com


Neomagesteriad - Craig Lindley 15 minutes, 16mm

A landscape, burning without flame. The enchantress waits. Her fool arrives. The courtship ritual: dance of yearning, yielding. The enchantress ignites - out of the flame the homunculus is born. The homunculus is the neomancer: Dance the spell of inscription, Turn the rite of deliverance, Invoke the icons of subjugation. Gravity draws the fool to sacrifice. The homunculus dances the knife. The fool is drawn. The enchantress banishes the homunculus to air and water. The enchantress is delivered into light. (All B&W material is hand-developed negative).

109 Constitution Rd., Meadowbank NSW, australia 2114 +61-2-9807-3751 fax:+61-2-9325-3101 craig.lindley@cmis.csiro.au

Season - Robert Woods 15.5 minutes, 16mm

A man trapped inside the poetic images existing in his own mind fights a battle to maintain sanity in a world where love can be your greatest enemy.

109 Monroe Lane, E.H.T., NJ 08234 609-927-1833 rt_woods@hotmail.com

Yours - Jeff Scher 5 minutes, 16mm

A sentimental love song Soundie from the '40's revisited in psychadelichrome. Shot with multiple passes with an Oxberry animation camera using bi-pack magazines - 40's period technology put to contemporary itineraries.

54 West 21st St. Ste.508a, NY, NY 10010 (p/f)212-627-1454 jscher@interport.net

Five O'Clock Shadow - Traci Carroll 20 minutes, 16mm

Guy is a quiet loner who becomes intrigued with Veronica, a beautiful woman he sees in a bar. Aware of his attraction, Veronica remains aloof and coy drawing him in one moment then brushing him off the next. Unable to control his growing obsession, Guy is led by his frustration into a bizarre confrontation with Veronica.

723 Brownwood Ave., Atlanta, GA 30327 404-364-2506 fax:404-364-2599 redroom@mindspring.com www.redroomfilms.com

Shorts Program B:

Solo - Randy Bobbitt 10 minutes, 16mm

What would you sacrifice for fashion? SOLO is the working vision of Paris' former abstract expressionist painter turned fashion guru, Solo. This film goes to the source, the consumer, to get in touch with America's latest obsession. See what's uncovered behind the scenes of this fashion phenomenon.

816 Powers Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 410-243-2088 fax:410-235-7739 rando2@hotmail.com

Wayne Freedman's Notebook - Aaron Lubarsky 27 minutes, 16mm

Wayne Freedman hoped his television news stories would change the world. It turns out that the world of television news has change him. This self-reflexive, cinema verite documentary takes us behind-the-scenes of local television news as feature reporter Wayne Freedman pieces together offbeat stories ranging from Tiger Woods mania to an eccentric art student who has transformed his 2-bedroom apartment into a 37-bedroom spaceship. This documentary has been in many festivals and has won numerous awards including a Student Academy Award.

10 Corte del Sol, Millbrae, CA 94030 650-652-9252 fax:650-375-8818 aaron@sdgroup.net www.sdgroup.net

10 Seconds - Christophe Joly 10 minutes, 16mm

In a society with a different view of justice, a new form of capitol punishment is an organized manhunt. The justice system has created a game in which a victim's family has 120 seconds to kill the convicted murderer in a prepared desert area. Removed from death row, these prisoners have a chance to run for life term. In the case of Inmate 655321 vs. the Johnson Family, it is enough time for the hunters to ponder the act of killing, and for the hunted to make his own rules before the game begins anew.

2046-1 High Tower Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068 213-876-7472 fax:213-651-0875 cochedean@hsn.com

Krank - Marc Honma 12 minutes, 16mm

Fans of Terry Gilliam's BRAZIL will find this surreal, darkly comic fable somewhat reminiscent. Joseph Krank is a clerk in a nightmarish corporation. When a mysterious stranger moves into his office, his paranoia grows, as he seeks to uncover the identity of the intruder. Instead of answers, however, Joe finds more questions about the true nature of his world.

3475 Clarington Ave. #109, Los Angeles, CA 90034 310-836-5991 mhonma@aol.com

Least Dangerous Game - David Thomas 12 minutes, 16mm

Welcome to the game, "Assassin", where your proficiency with a water gun, rubber band or paper airplane can mean the difference between success and "elimination". This film pits two masters of the contest against each other in a battle to the wet with pride and romance on the line.

3100 St. Paul St. Apt. 607A, Baltimore, MD 21218 410-366-7617 fax:410-516-4757 travelindave@hotmail.com

Shorts Program C:

Togetherness - Steven Friedland 12 minutes, 16mm

Theo Callow is the art world's greatest achievement since watercolors. His lover Cameron Payne wants to be. Theo does his best to help Cameron out by showing his work to a museum curator. This simple act of kindness has surprisingly hilarious - and deadly - consequences.

11945 Riverside Dr., Valley Village, CA 91607 818-753-2789 fax:818-753-4704 edsfilms@aol.com

Chocolate Milk - James Foye, Jen Gouvea, Matt Fulchiron, Randy Bobbitt 8 minutes, 16mm

One young man's adventure into manhood.

c/o Randy Bobbitt 816 Powers Street, Baltimore, MD 21211 410-243-2088 fax:410-235-7739 rando2@hotmail.com

A Cure For Serpents - Elise MacAdam 14 minutes, 16mm

No dirt. No touching. No germs. No life... until Lucy decides to let her boyfriend inside.

601 West 113th Street Apt. 6F, NY, NY 10025 212-866-9701 fax(day):212-866-8909 elisemac@interport.net

Last Call (Bar People) - Jason Hamilton 28 minutes, 16mm

A comedy about the local inhabitants of the corner bar - their wit, wisdom, or sometimes lack-there-of. From the dishwasher and the cook, to the patrons themselves, it is a look simply into the lives of the people we see all the time in the dark corners of the local taverns across the U.S.

5216 Corteen Pl. 22, Valley Village, CA 91607 818-760-2176 vm:818-421-9323 Jason_Hamilton@compuserve.com

Sin - Eric Neumann 14 minutes, 16mm

A twisted look at a young woman's quest to find spiritual fulfillment. Along the way, we encounter her bizarre family of brothers, and an eccentric young man named Thaddeus who may have the answers she's looking for. Together they go searching for the sick power who created them.

416 Harwood Rd., Baltimore, MD 21228 410-788-2327

Shorts Program D:

Entrepose - Jason Hubert, Matt Pittroff, Jeff Schmale, 18 minutes, Super 16mm (shown on video)

There will be no brightly lit tunnels or sweet distant voices for Alex Foley. A life of debauchery has landed him exactly where he belongs. ENTREPOSE is a bizarre cerebral take on the afterlife where man is tormented by his past. Lost in a place just surreal enough to intrigue him Alex will re-live his greatest worldly mistake, and find his fate resting in the balance of a simple game. Life is strange, why should death be any different? Featuring Jeff Alphin (co-director of THE TOURNAMENT).

c/oTruckstop Motion Picture Company, PO Box 27579, Baltimore, MD 21285 410-661-8962 fax:410-830-6046 mattpitt@mindspring.com

Split - Erik Deutschman 12 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

This delirious experimental narrative uses a variety of filmic techniques to create an intimate, implosive exploration of a man confronting the nature of his physical existence.

2511 Lake View Ave., Los Angles, CA 90039 (p/f)213-661-7381

0's & 1's (Zeros and Ones) - Andrew J. Ciancia 55 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

It's IN THE COMPANY OF MEN for the roller-blading, hard-rockin', computer-using college-age crowd, as an anti-social, violent freak from Switzerland demonstrates how some experiences are just more beautiful than others.

c/oTimothy A. Holmes, PO Box 3717, Hollywood, CA 90078 323-464-7622 fax:323-463-0101 taholmes@reproductivepumpkin.com www.reproductivepumpkin.com

Shorts Program E:

The Apartment War - David Monty Kurman & Ben Jurin, 27 minutes, 16mm

When Jerry runs up an enormous phone bill calling his phone sex sweetheart, his roommate Charlie's first reaction is violence. And, well, his second reaction, is also violence. When the haze clears, dangerously armed with only small snippets of liberal arts education, Charlie and Jerry decide, in order to never pay another Capitalistic bill, to secede from the United States and declare their apartment a new country. It isn't long, however, before their dreams, hopes, and ambitions are squashed like a big bug. When disputes over key conceptual representational philosophies divide the country - and the apartment - in half, their intensive, well-rounded, liberal arts education leads them to... well... more violence.

c/o Ben Jurin 91 Jewel St. 4R, Brooklyn, NY 11222 718-389-5324 jurinepm@pipeline.com

Lily And Jim - Don Hertzfeldt 13 minutes, 16mm

An achingly pathetic blind date between two hopelessly naive, neurotic romantics goes from very bad to much worse. LILY AND JIM is an extremely quirky, yet oddly charming short animated film that plays with the overly melodramatic struggles of dating and heartbreak. This film has played at dozens of festivals (including last Fall's Hopkins Film Festival), winning handfuls of awards along the way.

310 Mathilda #10, Goleta, CA 93117 805-968-7371 uhertd00@umail.ucsb.edu

Introduction To Film Noir - Jim Jacob, 6 minutes, video

A brief introduction to the film type called "film noir", similar to Mr. Jacob's previous "instructional" tapes, "How To Collect Film Posters" and "Guidelines For Public Speaking."

210 Park Ave., River Forest, IL 60305 708-366-9748

Neil Diamond Parking Lot - John Heyn & Jeff Krulik 12 minutes, video

The follow-up to the cult-classic, "Heavy Metal Parking Lot", in which the filmmakers returned to the same parking lot ten years later to stalk concert goers of a different ilk.

c/oJohn Heyn, 2419 Lillian Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20902 301-949-9764 jt.heyn@worldnet.att.net

Creature Nites Of Ohio - Phil Paternite 11 minutes, video

This underground classic, originally made in 1989, and remastered in 1994, highlights the life and times of 10 hybrid animal creations ...all found within the diverse environments of Ohio. Chances are your textbooks may have overlooked such wonderful creatures as the Squirkey, the Jackalstag, the Turkle, and many others.

1035 Menlo Oaks Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025 (p/f)650-327-6109 smellbob@aol.com

Mike Feeney's Secrets Of Success - Matt Nix 8 minutes, video

Mike Feeny shares the secrets of his "Amazing-Wealth-Enhancement System" in this mock infomercial. This is a must see for anyone who's broke and ever considered the life of a carney. See another short by Matt Nix, CHEKHOV'S GUN, also showing during the festival.

555 N. Rossmore #207, LA, CA 90004 (p/f)213-462-4313 iceweasel@aol.com

Don't Run Johnny - Tom E. Brown 7 minutes, 16mm

If legendary, B-movie filmmaker, Ed Wood, were alive today and decided to tackle the sensitive topic of AIDS, would it be a factual, gripping, intimate account of the day-to-day struggles of a person living with AIDS? Probably not. Chances are, it would look something like this film, a festival favorite everywhere - including Sundance. This is the story of an "average gay male's" panic-stricken run through back alleys and abandoned city streets after learning he is HIV-positive. In his travels, he encounters the anxiety, confusion, loneliness, and denial associated with AIDS. It's a comedy. Hailed as "the Jerry Lewis of AIDS movies," director-writer-leading man, Tom E. Brown has been HIV positive for more than 13 years - over 40% of his life. Brown considers himself an expert on "anxiety, confusion, loneliness, and denial." See another of his films, RUBBER GLOVES, as part of the Independent Exposure program.

550 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 415-626-4214 fax:415-431-2850 bugsby@slip.net www.bugsby.com

Shorts Program F:

Accident - Peter Besson 6 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

An accident on the side of the road involving the little boy of a young family is not exactly what it seems to be.

2324 Grandview Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75028 972-355-3116 fax:972-446-2165 pbesson@iglobal.net

Chekhov's Gun - Matt Nix 20 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

Three characters fight for their lives when they realize that the rules of dramatic structure dictate that one of them must die. A very funny treatment of characters realizing they are nothing more than characters in a film, whose fate has already been written. See another short from Matt Nix, MIKE FEENY'S SECRETS OF SUCCESS, also showing during the festival.

555 N. Rossmore #207, LA, CA 90004 (p/f)213-462-4313 iceweasel@aol.com

4 Second Delay - Rod Lurie 27 minutes, Super 16mm (shown on video)

Just how far would famed investigative reporter Bob Woodward go to protect the identity of his secret Watergate source "Deep Throat"? While a guest on a shock-jock radio talkshow, Woodward is challenged by a caller to reveal the name of the source who essentially brought down the Nixon administration. When he refuses, a gunshot blast careens over the phone lines. The caller insists he will kill one hostage at a time until Woodward relents. A high-tension drama serving as a study in both journalistic integrity and relevant political history

4605 Lankershim Blvd. Ste.201, North Hollywood, CA 91602 818-753-9901 fax:818-753-9921 movie790@aol.com.

Habitual Tendencies -Erik Pampel & Shane Foster Hanson 13.5 minutes, video

A wry commentary on addiction. Steve is hooked on a "socially acceptable" sub

stance - cigarettes. He doesn't seem interested in quitting. Why should he? His previous recovery came with a price. c/oLurker Entertainment, 1520 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901 415-458-3303 fax:415-721-3568 info@lurkernet.com www.lurkernet.com

Limbo - Reuben Sack 15 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

After dying prematurely, Ian finds himself standing buck naked in the middle of an old-school soda shop. The proprietor of the store, Gus, and his associate Morris are there to help Ian decide how he is going to spend his afterlife. After a brief visit with Saint Alphonso in Heaven's waiting room and contemplating his other options, Ian decides to return to earth as a spiritual entity.

7245 Hillside Ave. Apt. 215, Los Angeles, CA 90046 310-512-7418 fax:410-484-0290 rhs9102@email.unc.edu

The Light - Philip Scarborough 7 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

We all have dragons we run from or run after. We all have a divine light we chase. You can't run from yourself. And the light we all chase we possess already. Philip Scarborough tells us, "I originally came up with the concept of THE LIGHT when a friend of mine was having problems conquering his drug and alcohol abuse. He ran from it and disguised it, but he could never make himself realize he had a problem, until he almost ended his life and he was forced to deal with it. He then had to begin the long climb to recovery - which is never easy. That, more than anything, is what THE LIGHT is about, though it can be applied to anything".

1212 N. Jefferson St. #C, Jackson, Mississippi 39201 (p/f)601:355-6869 phsjr1@yahoo.com www.geocities.com/hollywood/lot/6662/index.html


My Friend Murray - Ian M. Wilmoth 4 minutes

Computer animation (shown on video), Murray's adventures in 3 parts. Computer animation finally being well used to make modern surrealism.

582 Woodbine Ave., Towson, MD 21204 410-486-6420 f:410-484-8184 ian@turbinegames.com

Shorts Program G:

Lark Rhapsody - Lou Weinert 9 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

A current favorite at festivals all over the world, blue moods, blue frosting, and blue-haired senior citizens collide in this candy-colored daydream set in the fantasy world of a suburban donut shop. Told silently to the sounds of the mighty Wurlitzer, this wonderfully droll, slice-of-life gem delves into the lives of two men and two elderly women and their pursuit of donuts, as it builds to its' terrifying conclusion.

2500 21st Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116 (p/f)415-664-6744 ca21@earthlink.net

Asa Nisi Masa - Ian M. Wilmoth 3 minutes, computer animation (shown on video)

Cownapping by aliens.

582 Woodbine Ave., Towson, MD 21204 410-486-6420 f:410-484-8184 ian@turbinegames.com


Everybody's Pregnant - Debra Solomon, 6 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

A wild ride through the rough terrain of modern baby making.

1 Hudson St. #3, NY, NY 10013, 212-619-7900, fax: 212-619-7972, dsolomon@interport.net

Mondayne - Bill Hardy & Diane Rosenberg 18 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

An estranged, but not disgruntled, postal worker deals with his babbling wife, a "Puck"ish figure, hallucinations and his own paranoia.

c/oBill Hardy 1216 Halstead Rd., Baltimore, MD 21234 410-296-2741

The Tournament - Risky BBQ Productions 13 minutes, 16mm (screened on video)

The thrills and spills of an East Baltimore rat fishing competition. Featuring Carol Newton from the Mount Royal Tavern, and Matt Pittroff (co-director of ENTREPOSE).

Jane King/Jeff Alphin 816-C South Bond St., Baltimore, MD 21231 410-558-0443 riskybbq@aol.com

Phi-Brite - Jeff Koone 2.5 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

Set to a drumtrack by David Shaw, Phi-Brite is a short experimental animated film shot completely off a Lite-Brite - the well known light-peg art toy. Colorful abstract shapes move to a funky drumbeat you can dance to.

1228 Spruce #504, Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-545-3082

Out To Lunch - Daniel Martinico 18 minutes, 16mm

A young man diagnosed with a fatal disease leaves the city to visit his cousin in rural upstate New York. Once there they waste away his remaining days in a series of mundane activities - sitting on the porch, drinking beer, cooking eggs. Excruciating long-takes and eccentric relief (such as an unexpected dance number) give the film a rewardingly deadpan pace.

194A 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 718-965-2214 piltdown@accesshub.net

Quarter Life Crisis - Matthew Fulchiron 10 minutes, 16mm

Petie Fulch is forced from his comfortable home by his live-in girlfriend with the ultimatum: Get a job or don't come back. Tempted by distractions such as skateboarding, drinking, and fellow unemployed friends, Petie must decide: Is today his last day of freedom, or is it the blueprint for his future?

7551 W. Norton Ave. Apt. #7, Hollywood, CA 90078 213-851-5635

Shorts Program H:

The Encounter - Matthew Fulchiron, 10 minutes, 16mm

8 young men wander through the streets of Baltimore City, anticipating and contemplating the physical conflict they are soon to face.

7551 W. Norton Ave. Apt. #7, Hollywood, CA 90078 213-851-5635

Albert's Thumb - Julie M. Anderson, Scott A. Clark, Derek Scottie Russel, Christopher Skokowski 20 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

Albert's Thumb is muttart (muh'-t-art'), something borrowed, something blue; a mooveeshort in two sections ("Blankety-Blank" and "Mr. Hakensac's Very Bad Day"). The first follows Molly through a colorful super-evil-now world in which no one will leave her be, regardless of whether she's in her over-crowded apartment or in her favorite tree, until she visits the Floating Eye Mass. In the second act, Mr. Hakensac hurries across a post-apocalyptic playland until stumbling onto the Floating Eye Pope.

5530 Lanham Station Road, Lanham, MD 20706 410-347-1465 cdaniel6@juno.com

Call Me Fishmael - Steven Dovas 3 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

"Call Me Fishmael" is a cartoon about incompetence and its desperate need to be expressed. It's about delusion. It's about Giant Monster Fish. A hyped-up stick figure huckster pitches his idea for a Big Hollywood Feature film and grows more frantic with every word, blissfully unaware of how ludicrous his idea is. It is a safe bet that this character will no doubt end up an executive at an entertainment conglomerate.

202 Saint James Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238-2302 718-230-4570 fax:718-399-0034 sdovas@concentric.net


Dogfishing - Joe Byrnes, 3.5 minutes, video

An animated tale about three buddies going on a very special fishing trip.

55 Liberty St. Ste. 6C, NY, NY 10005, 212-513-0191, fax: 212-608-2379


Collection Of Short Animated Works - Pat Lehnerer 10 minutes, shown on video

Just as the title hints at; Pat makes animated shorts... here's a collection of 'em. There's a little bit of everything here - cel, pixel, computer,...

149 Alden Ave. NW Apt. A4, Atlanta, GA 30309 404-817-7106 hocake40@hotmail.com

Deadly Squirrel - Jason Walker 4.5 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

A humorous tale of an old hillbilly's psychotic hatred of squirrels as he co-inhabits a cottage in the woods that is over run by squirrel infestation. Impending peril can fall upon the underdog yet the transfer of power may balance upon surprise and simplicity.

PO Box 486, Moorooka, Old Australia 4107 +61-7-3216-7907 fax:+61-7-3259-4017

Morphology Of Desire - Robert Arnold 6 minutes, digital (shown on video)

The Morphology Of Desire is an experimental exploration of the commodified representation of gender and desire in popular culture and the relationship between the still and moving image, using digital morphing to animate romance novel cover illustrations as a never-ending dance of desire, turning towards and away, never achieving fulfillment.

309 SE 2nd St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 954-426-8816 fax:561-297-2615 rarnold@fau.edu


Cold Turkey - Susan G. King 11 minutes, video

The turkey, America's national bird? What if Benjamin Franklin's dream was a reality? This mockumentary follows Game Warden "Bubba" Pitts through the streets of Pig Stomp, Arkansas as he explores the seedy side of this reality and finds a little trouble for himself.

7700 N. Hills Blvd. #304, N. Little Rock, AR 72116 501-834-5049

Organ Cranker - Jon Foulk 6.5 minutes, 35mm (shown on video)

An organ grinder rules over his organ - forcing it's inhabitants, Schlomos, to dance to extinction. Knowing their dismal fate, these gentle creatures collect their comrade's remains.

1342 Calumet Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026 805-284-7684 jfoulk@emsh.calarts.edu http://emsh.calarts.edu/~jfoulk

Platipussy trailer - Alix Lambert 5 minutes, video

The coming attraction to a feature-length mock-roc

kumentary about Platipussy, a female rock band. Guns, vomit and rock! Dig it! With a cameo by J. Robbins from Jawbox. PO Box 2051, NYC, NY 10013 917-953-4583

Shell's Angel (Despair Of Durango, Chapter 7) - Antonia G. Carey & Nick J. Palazzo, 10 minutes, 16mm (shown on video)

A tongue-in-cheek silent about a hairy genie, a drunk driver and true love.

c/oTONICK Productions, PO Box 307, Tinley Park, IL 60477 708-429-4370


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